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A science fiction/fantasy

Come walk with me

"Come walk with me" I said, and extended my hand to her as she arrived through the portal door. She looked at my outstretched hand, hesitating long enough that I thought she would refuse. We walked slowly, hand in hand, down the shiny tar road in the middle of the desert. The land around us was barren, the recent persistent lack of rain leading to cracks big enough that little furtive creatures darted in and out. Perhaps there was some moisture to be had deep inside the parched earth. Nothing grew though on either side of the road as far as the eye could see.

Metropolis: the very beginning

Bane looked down at a tub full of blood. The dark liquid was still, giving it an ominous appeal. The room was shrouded in darkness except for a few candles that gave off scant light around the tub. Bane shivered almost imperceptibly, goose pimples running up his dark skin. Looking away from the tub he noticed a woman standing in the corner of the room. She was barely visible but he could hear her voice as it carried across the room. The woman was chanting her hands clasped together as if in prayer. Her mouth seemed to move far too fast, as if her words could not catch up.