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First Light

This is a synopsis and sample chapter of my book "First Light"


A story of hope in a grey world.

On the harsh militant world of Sindorus, where even colours are considered sinful, three people living very separate lives are about to have those lives change forever. As deceptions are torn away, and ancient secrets brought to light, they each must struggle to find the missing pieces to the puzzle...answers that will unlock their true destiny.

A Dog's Life (Reboot - see intro tag to pt. 1): Part II

They were nearing civilization; The trail beneath their feet was more dirt and mud than grass, with sparrodic signs of use.

She kept scanning ahead; this was mainly because scanning the dense and towering forrest to either side of the trail - itself bathed in near-perpetual twilight - was a futile effort.

A Dog's life (Reboot - made a fresh start of it) Pt.1

"Is this what you truly want, Wolf?"

Rebecca watches the Wolf's eyes, his face. There's no hesitation there.

Her hand rests in the fur of his neck. She feels it brush leather as she stands, to walk a few paces and turn, look down and lock eyes -

"Show me."

And waits....

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The Truthsayer's Apprentice

I recently read the Tor book "The Truthsayer's Apprentice" by fellow Oort-Cloud member Deborah Teramis Christian, and it was great (and I'm very picky).

Things in particular that I like:

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Thomas Rengstorff - Author of Horror

So, this is my first entry. I'll write more after I finished reviewing edits for my upcoming book which is published by .

The Death - Birth Ritual

Vain? Suicidal?

If you want to stay young and pretty forever and are willing to pay the price you can do just that using the “the death-birth ritual.” The only problem is you will have to die first.

If you want more about me you can find it on:

or at:

A Dog's Life ( Pt. 2 )

Rebecca woke in a sweat.

For long moments she just lay in darkness, waiting, for her pulse to slow, for breaths to come slow and steady. For the ache to again lose it's edge.


Bending knees and pushing with one arm, she sat up, bringing a hand to her face.

She'd been due of course; It had been longer than usual - weeks, really - since she'd dreamt of him, dreamt about -


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Savage Ep. 11

The party had traveled on lower paw for over seven days, the relatively short journey to the nearby Raestall made longer by off-road travels and lack of necessity. The group was in no hurry; Raestall herself, however, would wait for them no longer.

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Savage Ep. 10

Happiness was found in the lonely wilderness over the next few days. Off the beaten track, the traveling Savages (Portia and Fayre, sister felinekin, and Velius, a harekin and former monk) progressed slowly, hampered by rough terrain and undergrowth. Their moods, however, were light and exuberant, not angered but gladdened by the obstacles of the wilds. On their own for the first time, the two felinekin had never before been inside a forest, and neither had the silent monk traveled so far from home.

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Savage Ep. 9

Before any of them knew it, Hazel lunged onto Velius, knocking the wind from him, throttling him with her claws. The vicious foxkin had her paws clamped down around the monk's neck, strangling the life from him. It took both Fayre and Portia's combined strength to pry the mad foxkin off.

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Savage Ep. 8

The dawn had broke over the land once more, marking the beginning of her second day of freedom. Fayre greeted the sun with eyes open, same as the night prior, after awaking from a sound slumber. Their trek through unpaved wilderness alone was an exercise on her legs so used to comfort and convenience. But to also help burden the body of a young foxkin was nearly more than her frame could bear. At the day's end, she had fallen into slumber as soon as she had put head to dirt.