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A day in the life

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Empathy camp students seem to enjoy talking about prior system errors. Seemingly contradictory, the concept of human triumph over “fate” helps in rehabilitation.

Everyone knows violent thoughts are a sign, but not proof of, mental illness. Past individuals attempted to adapt by trying to equate the emphasis of killing thoughts to the emphasis of contact sports, giving social intelligence engineers an opportunity to acquire data on abstract value discrimination.

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Good Little Boy

Past the preview station is the waiting area. I’ve probably already been scanned for mal intent. I assume the smart gel approved. The neuron batch can’t send me to empathy camp, but my heart rate’s raised. The girl near the window’s cute.

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Concrete Dust

Her ORACLE results and stats remain acceptable. Still, the new prescription compensates for hormonal deviation. The diluted sea breeze greets Paprika as she leaves the psychology dept’s building.

Her cell’s social radar temporarily blips as Dustin’s icon borders the designated parameter. Paprika shouldn’t show on his implant.

Either way, she’s hungry. The drive through screen shows the new salt restrictions. Home cooking sounds better.

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Electric Cigarette

After sun set the stars were still hid by Camden lights. Outside city limits you could see them between the satellites and planes zooming over the vertical farms. This city stopped sleeping a long time ago. From the bird’s eye view of all the people crowding her streets, you forget the two child policy is actually working. From ground zero, their med-mask covered faces blend and fade from your memory as soon as you’re past them.

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The screen lights up the room. The dreams fade as the alarm clock wakes Kamahl. The clock’s AI saves today’s neural response scan to the volume/pitch levels. Once he can tune it out, the AI will switch to a variant. Once up, Kamahl goes through the morning motions when preparing for work.