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Better Music Through Chemistry

Page from an Obituaries site:

An accidental hero, Hofmann initially "discovered'' the drug formally known as lysergic acid diethylamide-25 way back in 1938, while he was studying medicinal uses of a fungus for Sandoz pharmaceuticals. A few years later, in 1943, he got a dose of the real deal when a small amount seeped into his finger during a lab experiment.

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Thomas Rengstorff - Author of Horror

So, this is my first entry. I'll write more after I finished reviewing edits for my upcoming book which is published by .

The Death - Birth Ritual

Vain? Suicidal?

If you want to stay young and pretty forever and are willing to pay the price you can do just that using the “the death-birth ritual.” The only problem is you will have to die first.

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A few thoughts on the death of Fred Saberhagen

Fred Saberhagen has died. :-(

I really like almost all of his work: the "Swords" books, the "Empire" books, the "Berserker" books, etc.

Paid in Full

Paid in Full
By Dustin Driver

Poe Pourri

This is a story I wrote many years ago, having spent too long reading too much of Edgar Allan Poe's science fiction:

The manner of my uncle’s death came as a shock to us all. That he had experimented on himself we found not at all surprising, it was the gruesome nature, and uncertainty that experimentation was the cause of his death that disturbed us. That disturbed me.