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Trex World, part 20

Part 20
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Now Paul was angry. Whatever had just happened, whatever that “hemorrhage” was, it had stirred up painful memories from years past. Things better left to Retirement. The swirling circles of the ceiling were pissing him off as well. What business had they doing in his world? All opulent and grand and haughty and, he couldn’t help feeling, they weren’t jetted out of a trex. Double-you-tee-eff.

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Trex World part 18

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Paul woke up on the couch with lady hovering over him. He felt numb and woozy, with an itching sensation in the middle of his skull. Why am I attracted to you, Lady? You’re obviously terribly and completely bad for me.

“I didn’t realize my talk was so powerful,” she laughed.

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Trex World part 17

Part 17
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“It’s wise of you, Paul, to make a formal request to keep your current position,” she said after a moments thought, strolling around behind the desk again to relight the brown
cylinder, rolling it provocatively in between her fingers and thumb as she did so. “It will be good for you to pursue your normal day to day routine - well, normal as you can pull off, anyway, given your, ah, special set of circumstances.”

“You mean my, er, celebrity status?”