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Trex World, part 25

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Paul blinked again. Geoff cocked his head to one side. A moment peeled itself like onion skin and passed.

“I think you’re going to have to work through lunch today, Paul.”

Zip. Zap. Zorbit. Neurons were in spasm directly behind Paul’s right eye. He started walking towards Floor 23’s portal. “I’m sorry Geoff,” he started to say as fast as he could, “But I really need to get to my desk. I’ve been late a lot recently, you know…”

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Trex World part 17

Part 17
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“It’s wise of you, Paul, to make a formal request to keep your current position,” she said after a moments thought, strolling around behind the desk again to relight the brown
cylinder, rolling it provocatively in between her fingers and thumb as she did so. “It will be good for you to pursue your normal day to day routine - well, normal as you can pull off, anyway, given your, ah, special set of circumstances.”

“You mean my, er, celebrity status?”