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Door script

Location: Small windowless concrete room with barrel with insignia in corner.

Camera: Pointed at door. Room is dark, but light from outside room is showing through.
Sounds: People running. People breathing hard. Door knobs being checked.

Scene: two men in military outfits check door knob. Door swings open. Lights turn on. Both men realize room is small and leads no where. They’re about to check other rooms when groans and moans are heard.

Man #1: “Shit”

The Dark Mallard

Here's a story that I've been shopping around and getting nowhere. It's a zombie story, which is kind of a spoiler. I mean, it's about the first human victim of a zombie plague. And wouldn't you know it, the zombieism starts in Wisconsin's Northwoods. In the home of an affluent Mexican fella. I give you, the tale of The Dark Mallard.

Untitled Zombie Movie - Roadkill

This is my favorite scene from a zombie movie script I've been working on for a couple years. The characters are
1. GUY DOWAN, on the run after losing his more competent comrade to a zombie/creature/thing. I'm imagining him as kind of a combination of Edward Norton in Fight Club and a straight Jon Stewart (if you can imagine such a thing).
2. STEVE THE DRIVER, who first appears in this scene. He is named after Steve Buscemi, who would be my first choice to play the character.
3. BLEARGH, a zombie named for his single line in a previous scene.


Two clouds met and parted. Daniel paused to watch. They seemed to crown the near side of the Narrow's bridge like a Max Flesicher tree yawning over the water, back away from the city's edge.

Everyone Daniel had ever known was dead, but many were also living.

Each night before the sun fell, Daniel wiped his thick hands on his shirt, packed his things into a knapsack, and stepped out to stare at the sky.