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Skullhack Part Four

SkullHack part 4
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia 2065

Many miles away from the dark synthesized gutters of the lower megalopolis, high in the halls of the Industrial Tower, a man, Breaken, stands at a tall thin window watching the morning light’s first dances through the fragmented constructs of Philadelphia. He has never really noticed the way the light flits here and there amongst the massive expanses of buildings that inhabit the city, the way it forms bands of gold, illuminated and made tangible by the concoction of particles being exhaled as the city’s first morning breath. Nor has he ever really noticed the huge flocks of birds, hundreds of thousands strong, taking flight in the dawn to warm the scent of night from their feathers. He is watching the yawn of this ecosystem for the first time, even though he has stood at this window, 300 floors up, a thousand times in as many days.