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Omnitrex Tech Part 3

Link to part 2

Link to part 1

Paul switched his trex to the power-down countdown cycle, plugged the trex into it’s receptacle in the wall and stared around at his lovely pad, his eyes always coming back to the lovely little curved appliance was a moment ago in his hands.

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Omnitrex Tech part 2

Link to part 1

Paul called up Daemon Joe, his banker.

"Joe here, how can i help you paul?" Joe's image was an avatar of an electric star in a pinstripe suit and silk tie. It bobbed around the trex's screen like an animate bowl of gelatin. Pulsating music was in the background. The interface simply screamed bountiful credits.

"Joe, my food supply has gone to dust. What's the story?"

"Seems here, Paul, that you aren't budgeting too well. My advice: don't live beyond your means."