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Skullhack Part 2

_Skullhack part 2
By R.B. Clements

Jordan couldn’t think. The pounding in his brain was an oppressive cacophony of pain, his limbs felt alien, his body- detached and confused. He had stumbled up the dingy stairwell, dazed, and unsteady into Diego’s nightclub. He could barely see in the dim, smoky light. His senses were assaulted by the sound of heavy bass music thumping while five naked girls gyrated on stage. He had to get out of here.

Skullhack Part One

/* I wrote this during a lunch break so please excuse any spelling, grammatical, and tense errors if any exsist! If anyone has any questions on some of the slang please ask, i think its fairly self explanatory tho..thanks again R>B /*

Skullhack Part One
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia, 2065

“Ah, young mister Jordan, so good to see you!”