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SkullHack Six

Skullhack Six
R.B Clements

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Breaken the Younger rode the lift down underneath the Industrial tower alone, and silent. His mind dwelt momentarily on his sister, Maggie. He had taken her life, in a way. Tossing her like a piece of scrap meat to Diego after he had learned of her treachery, her “love“ for Jordan. Deep inside he sneered. He had felt an inkling of remorse as he walked away from his dying sister the night before, but he discarded it as vestigial emotion he no longer wanted or needed. Another Maggie could be made, Clare she would be called this time. Indeed, he himself had been grown just as she had, as had his other brothers and sisters. As had his “father” and “mother”. He had, once, contemplated the implications of his family. The same two people being grown and re-grown in perpetuity, but he had no fondness for philosophy, so implications didn’t particularly matter. What mattered was that the Breaken clan were strong, and would last until the end of time. He would make sure of that, just as his predecessors had, even if it meant destroying your own blood.

Skullhack Part Four

SkullHack part 4
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia 2065

Many miles away from the dark synthesized gutters of the lower megalopolis, high in the halls of the Industrial Tower, a man, Breaken, stands at a tall thin window watching the morning light’s first dances through the fragmented constructs of Philadelphia. He has never really noticed the way the light flits here and there amongst the massive expanses of buildings that inhabit the city, the way it forms bands of gold, illuminated and made tangible by the concoction of particles being exhaled as the city’s first morning breath. Nor has he ever really noticed the huge flocks of birds, hundreds of thousands strong, taking flight in the dawn to warm the scent of night from their feathers. He is watching the yawn of this ecosystem for the first time, even though he has stood at this window, 300 floors up, a thousand times in as many days.

Skullhack Part 3

Skullhack part 3
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia, 2065

Detective Orleans of the PPD cursed. Not to himself. Not under his breath, but loudly, so everyone could clearly hear what he was saying. There were times when no other words will come, and this was definitely one of them.


Skullhack Part 2

_Skullhack part 2
By R.B. Clements

Jordan couldn’t think. The pounding in his brain was an oppressive cacophony of pain, his limbs felt alien, his body- detached and confused. He had stumbled up the dingy stairwell, dazed, and unsteady into Diego’s nightclub. He could barely see in the dim, smoky light. His senses were assaulted by the sound of heavy bass music thumping while five naked girls gyrated on stage. He had to get out of here.

Skullhack Part One

/* I wrote this during a lunch break so please excuse any spelling, grammatical, and tense errors if any exsist! If anyone has any questions on some of the slang please ask, i think its fairly self explanatory tho..thanks again R>B /*

Skullhack Part One
By R.B. Clements

Philadelphia, 2065

“Ah, young mister Jordan, so good to see you!”