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Tags and Titles

I have noticed some interesting trends (and the potential for more) emerging here on Here is a brief rundown.

First, there is the use of various "fiction" tags, regarding which a "nonfiction" tag would be equally useful.

Second, I have seen someone post something that is a discussion item with a title that begins "Discussion: " and the tag "discussion". Similarly, one might post a review with a title of "Review: " and the tag "review", or "Fiction: " and "fiction".

This a useful idea for a number of reasons:

Discussion: Ethical Imperative of the Time Traveler

Do historically weighted tragedies such as The Holocaust, the Columbine shootings, or September 11th (just to name the ones on the top of my head) impose any kind of moral or ethical imperative upon time travelers?

As writers, how do we deal with such events in a responsible manner without sacrificing our plots?

Should we bother, and if so, why?