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Super Hero

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Stalker Prince 19

Act 1 Scene 19

Mr.Walson, Santi, and Lisonse get into the car. Mr.Walson hands them the inhibitors.

Mr.Walson: “Sorry.”

Santi and Lisonse put them on and pass out. The two youths wake as the car arrives at the facility. Once inside, the two are joined by the other seven youths in the front room.

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Stalker Prince 17

Act 1 Scene 17

Mr.Walson points at Lisonse, then Santi.

Mr.Walson: “Lisonse. Santi.”

Section 4 Head: “How uh… are they along?”

Mr.Walson: “Within the week at the most.”

Section 1 Head: “In any case, we have things to discuss. Section 2, you’re behind on schedule.”

Mr.Walson: “Everything’s being worked out. One of the front group’s trying to renegotiate the terms for filing our smaller patents through them. But a push is in order.”

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Stalker Prince 14

Act 1 Scene 14

Lisonse is shown biking home with shaky balance. Once home, he falls asleep on the floor. Lisonse wakes up around six and bikes to the hub. Mr.Chesney stops him at the door.

Mr.Chesney: “What’s your deal? First you’re late, and you didn’t even show up yesterday.”

Lisonse: “Wait, I was here yesterday.”

Mr.Chesney: “That was Wednesday. I’ve been giving you a little lee way on account of your beat downs, but this cuts it...”

Lisonse: “Please don’t. I need this job. Well, I’m applicable for welfare, but I like being employed.”

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Stalker Prince 10

Act 1 Scene 10

The helmet comes off and Lisonse steps out of the chair, looking confused. He is then shown doing exercises (bench presses, crunches, jogging, etc). Afterwards, Lisonse is shown leaving the locker room when Mr.Walson appears.

Mr.Walson: “You’re not about to leave, are you? We’re just about to start another movie. Pretty good one. Besides a little more time won’t hurt.”

Lisonse: “Guess not”

Lisonse follows Mr.Walson into the TV room and finds Wright, Santi, and Rob already watching. Santi nods at him. The movie starts.

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Stalker Prince 9

Act1 Scene 9

Lisonse is in a large white empty room. He moves around a bit, tapping the ground to feel its reaction. Lisonse exits the room to find a large white hallway with several white doors. He opens a few to find large rooms inside. There is no furniture. After running for as long as he can, Lisonse finds that there is no end to the hallway. He has to sit to catch his breath.

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Stalker Prince 7

Act 1 Scene 7

Mr. Walson gives a tour of the facility. Beyond the lounge is a long hallway with several locked reinforced doors. Mr. Walson shows them a gym connected to a padded room.

Mr. Walson: "You'll be spending plenty of time here. A full person carries himself. But let's start off with a workout."

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Stalker Prince 4

Act 1 Scene4

Mr. Walson is at the front desk when Lisonse arrives.

Mr. Walson: “Glad to see you’re taking an interest in becoming a well rounded person.”

Lisonse: “I just said I’d check it out.”

Mr. Walson: “That’s alright. I just figured I’d come to give you a tour.”

Mr. Walson’s car arrives and the two get in.

Mr. Walson: “What do you do for a living, out of curiosity?”

Lisonse: “I’m a delivery boy.”

Mr. Walson: “How’s that going for you?”

Lisonse: “I’m not homeless, but I wish the pay was better.”

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Stalker Prince2

Act 1 Scene 2

Lisonse leaves the community center on bike. Lisonse is shown riding subway. Once home, he logs on his computer and researches Mr.Walson.

Various minor articles are found. Community center contributions. Opponent of mandatory volunteering program. History in Survey Analysis. Business degree.

Lisonse is shown going to sleep in bed, then awaking at 6:00 AM. The refrigerator is opened. Food is taken out. Teeth are brushed and showers are taken. He grabs his other bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub and taps on staff door. Enter Mr. Chesney.

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Stalker Prince 1

Act 1 Scene1
Setting: Crowded party, full of chatter.

Protagonist is standing while sipping from cup. Mr. Richards taps him on the shoulder.

Mr. Richards: “I’ve been looking for you. I want to introduce someone to you.This is Mr.License.”

Lisonse: "Lisonse"

Mr.Walson: puts out hand to shake Lisonse's. “In any case, it’s a little peculiar to get a neighborhood transfer halfway through the season.”