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Wrote this one when I was about 16 . . . And it shows.


The two boys trying to hack their way past a stubborn encryption interface were the final answer to that ancient argument of upbringing versus family; environment versus heredity; conditioning versus genetics.

New Moon over Gansu, 2029

Ning was watching his sister, Man-yi dance in her lilting steps among the fireflies, spread like stars over the autumnally dry fields. Her youth was still untouched by the rising conflict. She was young enough to be able to play at being a soldier without the danger of real conscription. The wounded arm still pained him, but in the deep still of the rural night, he was able to forget the horrors behind the gash. He knew how lucky he was.

3Science 2Punk 1Pop

Found and archived upon an expedition through old Silicon Valley.
103 years old.
Description: A scientist’s personal project: to archive the cyber perspectives of himself(64), son(21) and daughter(31).

Contents revealed:

The Cyber-Scientist Story
Rumbling from its roots, the tree accepted the new season. ‘Task’ delivered: its last few leaves fall into the precisely statistical wind. The dirt was too uniform for any other life form to take shape, except for this tree. This tree built for this dirt.

Idolatry, Episode 1, "Insurance Policy"

By Bryan White
Episode 1

"Insurance Policy"

Beginning of a cyberpunkish story. Comments?

A kind of strange story I was working on. Just pitting it out there.

A rippling nudibranch, veins sticking out from its fleshy body, tore through the streets of Manhattan, engulfing citizens as it went. The 10-foot beast left a trail of slime going all the way back to the Donald Iverson Center for Kineostatic Studies, or DICKS for short. Scientists from DICKS were running all over the streets, crying out that 'Frankie' had escaped.