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W00topia, Pt 2 - reincarnation

Travel is broadening if one is open and willing to accept the differences of other peoples and cultures. That’s why I prefer to travel alone because one can so easily focus on one’s companions, instead of paying attention to the strange people in strange lands. But then I discovered the W00topian’s practice of reincarnation and I don’t know if I understand it as well as I should. I wished I had a fellow traveller to discuss what I saw.

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W00topia, Pt 1 - transportation

I have recently returned from visiting the remarkable city of W00topia. So few people visit there, and even less return. Indeed, it is difficult to say if the silence and aversion that cloaks general knowledge of W00topia is a conspiracy of that land or of our own. All I understand is that the entirety of the video and images of my trip are gone from my phone; my texts have been deleted from the phones of others; my updates to, and the very entry of, W00topia has disappeared from Wikipedia.