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short story

Purify - Chapter 16 The Crab

The Eric Laithwaite emerged from its short slide away from the Tony Robinson in the vicinity of the Crab Nebula. That is one of the joys of having a String Slider at your disposal; so long as you didn’t worry too much about when you were arriving, you could take a slide to anywhere in the universe. To be certain of the time of your arrival took more energy and a more precise choice of string to slide. That sort of accuracy and energy could only be programmed by the boffins back at Time Control on Earth.

Purify - Chapter 14 Saving Guger

The time keepers obeyed captain Danno’s request and, via some more purple gymnastics, returned the Tony Robinson to Guger.

“An immediate scan shows that we are still in time. Tony lock your attention on the continents and their missile silos,” commanded Danno.

All they could do now was wait. Waiting until a planet commits planecide when you are the only people there to stop it is a bit like playing the role of some cosmic super Samaritan. Only with more powers to intervene before the duffing-up.

Anyone know this story?

I've been trying to find two short stories that I read years ago, so far with little success. AFAIR they were both in paperback anthologies published around the mid-1960s:

1. The first is set in the world as we know it, but someone discovers that our universe is shrinking. No one noticies anything because of course everything is shrinking at the same pace - except the speed of light, so by the end of the story everything takes on a red-shift and eventually vanishes altogether.

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Extremely Bad Luck

My first ever Oort-Cloud post and my first short story. Your feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

Small green birds sat on the branch outside my window. They are completely still. The wind gently ruffles their feathers as they sit and stare. If I were a more paranoid man, I would say they are staring at me. But I'm not and they weren't. They were staring at the cat sitting underneath the tree licking his testicles.

Operation: Shell Game

Operation: Shell Game

“Jackie… I mean it”, the scrambled voice spoke adamantly into her earpiece.

“I love you too, honey. It’s just that I’ve got a time frame thing going on here…” the raven haired woman replied into the air, “you know how the child can be.”

“Er, uh…. Roger that. Make sure you pick up milk and bread,” replied the scrambled voice, suddenly unsure of both the conversation and the security level.



“A ship! A ship!” cried Joseph. It was centuries ago since “Love Island” had been on TV but the news of a ship returning to the solar system always excited him.

“Do we know which one this is?” asked Saffron.

“Early signs are that it is the Fireheart. It left us in 2056 on a voyage to Canus 6. If they were successful they would have been exploring that system for a couple of years. Their crew would have aged 26 years over the total of their journey”

Saving Throw

This is all there is, there isn't any more.


"C'mon, guys, have a little mercy here," said John.

Gary laughed and took a drag of his cigarette.

"You failed your saving throw," he said.

Brett swung his legs back and forth over the porch banister, kicking the peeling blue wood with his heels.

"Dude, I've been playing Logarth since we switched to Advanced," said John. He squinted in the sun, ran the back of his arm across his forehead, wiped his arm on the side of his shirt.

Under this sky

Not many people liked Peter Norfolk. That was probably because their first impressions always involved signing a legal waiver, authorizing their already recorded images to be uploaded to the net for everyone to see. And that was a bit too scary for a first impression.

Underwear Perverts

Everybody likes costumed heroes, right?


“How serious are you about this ‘secret identity’ thing?”

“I dunno-- fairly, I guess.”

“Well, serious enough to keep it a secret from me?” she said.

“I think so,” he said.

“You’re fucked in the head, you know that?” she said, and exhaled a little cloud of cigarette smoke.

Franklin’s Faith

November 12, 1942. WOC (Wartime Operations Center) number 6, Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois. War Cabinet meeting of the executive branch; recently evacuated from temporary headquarters in Chicago.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt adjusted himself in his seat, but could not find a comfortable position.