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OpenLit Milestone and an First

Greetings, Terrestrials and Extras, we have an OpenLit milestone and an Oort-Cloud (and possibly a science-fiction/fantasy/publishing) first.

In OpenLit we address two kinds of openness: open distribution and open content.

On Thu, 02/22/2007 @ 03:32 hafoc posted his Lance Steele story Cold Boot which opens with this remark:

Introducing Lance Steele! For reasons which shall become obvious, I'm thinking of donating him to this community. I bet people could have a HOOT playing around with him.

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We installed an Advanced Poll Module, which enables us to do more sophisticated polls (in addition to the older simpler poll), so I have added a menu item called "Polls" which will show you all of the polls to date, regardless of type (if you are logged in).


1) Make sure you’re logged in.

2) Click on ‘Create content.’ It's in the left-hand column, with the links listed under your username.

3) Click on ‘Blog entry.’

4) Now you should see a form called ‘Submit Blog entry.’

-- Type in a ‘Title.’

-- Type (or cut-and-paste) your post into ‘Body.’

-- Add ‘Tags’ that will help people understand what your post is about.

ISBN Explained

I was noticing the edition for Hyperion (my favorite book) listed in the biblio section is no longer in print, and the isbn is wrong.

Here is the ISBN for the currently in print Mass Market edition:
# ISBN-10: 0553283685
# ISBN-13: 978-0553283686

The Hardback first edition, no longer in print, is:
# ISBN-10: 0385249497
# ISBN-13: 978-0385249492

This brought up the question, when listing books would we list the currently in print edition, or the original printed edition even if its no longer in print, or both (but this could be up to 5 or 6 versions)?

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In what order would you like to see these features implemented?

Recommender System
26% (104)
22% (88)
22% (87)
Recent Changes
20% (79)
11% (44)
Total votes: 42
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Oort-Cloud Mission Statement - Feedback Request

Just throwing this out there for some feedback...

I have added the Oort-Cloud Mission statement at the top of the front page in big friendly letters. It's not quite "Don't Panic!" but it works. :-)

We would like it to be more visible on the site in general, which could be accomplished by:

  1. putting it in a block on the side
  2. keeping it front and center (but possibly smaller)


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When you post a work of fiction here on Oort-Cloud, you should carefully consider your options for copyleft/copyright.

Oort-Cloud exists primarily for the posting of copyleft-ish works, i.e. works that are "open." This is not to say that you cannot post works that are copyrighted. Just be aware that copyright runs counter to the mission of Oort-Cloud which is to promote openness both in distribution and in content. (See the various pages tagged openlit for more details).

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The "" Tag

Just a quick note:

Please reserve the "" tag for posts about Oort-Cloud administrative pages (such as Social Publishing or the FAQ) and for discussion about how to use Oort-Cloud effectively.

For example, Jack Bell has posted some recent items on his Oort-Cloud blog that use the tag properly

Some suggestions for tagging your posts by type of story

Personally I find tags very useful, so I am very serious about choosing them. In fact, I think of tags as emergent in the sense that, given enough people tagging, the output can be bigger than the input.

Given the above, I don't want to tell you how to tag. You know more about your posts than I do after all. And, in general, more tags are better. But I do think there are a few standard tags which would make it easier to locate and group specific kinds of posts.