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Purify - Chapter 21 Epilogue

Ken, Len and Den accompanied Carrie back onto the Tony Robinson.

“Carrie! Good to see you again. Welcome aboard. I hear that you have been having adventures without us?” asked Danno.

They had put their little misunderstanding behind them and embraced like old friends.

“Nothing as adventurous as yours by all accounts,” replied Carrie.

“I hate to break up this happy reunion,” interrupted Ken, “but we should get back to Time Control as soon as possible.”

“He’s right,” said Carrie, “we had another visit from the Purple People and this time they told us what was causing the Sickness.”

At Time Control towers Stakus ordered an immediate press conference to announce that they believed they knew the cause of the Sickness. They had figured out that the first cases of the Sickness occurred at about the same time as String research started trying to slide inanimate objects. The ones that had disappeared. And so the purple People’s suggestion fitted the facts. Time Control called for a moratorium on attempts to slide inanimate objects for a year to see if cases of the sickness abated.

TIO Rio was convicted of aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation but received a suspended sentence.

Time Control figured out, from Den, what they had been doing wrong in their attempts to accelerate planecide signals and began a mission to save planets from their own suicidal tendencies.

Carrie’s new job was to observe saved planets to see if they changed their ways or were still hell bent on killing each other. She and Captain Danno toured the saved planets in a two person Slide Ship called The Dom Joly. So far the results have been positive with the planets appearing to enter new eras of peace and reconciliation. Guger, especially, flourished when the Romford and Ilford started sharing their prosperity with the Stratfordians. They developed flight which enabled intercontinental trade and cooked food really took off.

Tibor and Cathy joined forces and found many more holiday destination planets including the home planet of the miscreant crew which they tracked down and brought to justice by taking them back to Cathy’s stranding world and seeing how they liked it.

Xen and Wen were publicly shamed by Time Control and they faded into obscurity to avoid the opprobrium of the people of Taiwan.

Stakus’ wife was released from a time bubble as her position on the cure list rapidly reached the top due to the strength of the Purify debris being brought back from the latest missions.


Well, I hope that you have enjoyed my story. The most amazing thing to me is the disproportionate number of hits that the chapter containing the words Eric Laithwaite in the heading. If you haven't heard of this scientist / engineer then I heartily recommend his life story to you. He twice presented the UK Royal Institution's Christmas Lectures before fading into obscurity due to his heretical ideas about Gyroscopic powered inertia-less motion. His lectures were what inspired me to become a scientist / teacher and story teller.