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Stalker Prince 19

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Act 1 Scene 19

Mr.Walson, Santi, and Lisonse get into the car. Mr.Walson hands them the inhibitors.

Mr.Walson: “Sorry.”

Santi and Lisonse put them on and pass out. The two youths wake as the car arrives at the facility. Once inside, the two are joined by the other seven youths in the front room.

Mr.Walson: “I take it that you all enjoy living here. I would like for you to also work for me. For better or worse, paperwork is required. We have yours, but it'll still take about a day to transfer. I suggest you spend it tying up any loose ends with friends and family. If it takes a little more, so be it. You're about to start a new life. A full person lets go of the past.”

Each youth is given a specific letter.

Santi: “Hey Lisonse. You got much to do? Figured I’d hit up a few bars and fix a couple of debts, capeesh? I’ll be at Joe’s around 8 or so tomorrow.”

Rex: “Ted, let me hitch a ride to Copy Center.”

Rob: “Juppin, you're by the sandwich shop, right? That's like a block from my folk's fruit shop.”

Reggie, Wright, and Russel start a huddle. The other youths leave. Lisonse takes his letter and bikes to the Hub. He gives it to Mr.Chesney.

Mr.Chesney: “After everything, you’re pulling this?”

Lisonse: “Sorry”

Mr.Chesney: “Well, it’ll take about a day to get the shift you around in the federal employee database. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. I didn’t think I was that hard on you.”

Lisonse: “It’s not you. It’s me.”

Lisonse leaves on his personal bike and proceeds to ride around town. Lisonse stops at a restaurant.

Lisonse: “Can I get a foo burger?”

Waitress: “I’m sorry, but you're on our diet list, we can give you a diet foo burger?”

Lisonse grumbles and takes his burger.

Waitress: “That’s the spirit. Have I seen you around?”

Lisonse: “Probably, I’m a delivery boy.”

Waitress: “Like old fashion kind?”

Lisonse: “Yeah. Paying a little extra for decent local government tax credits is supposed to be a community thing.”

Waitress: “That’s pretty cool.”

Lisonse finishes his foo burger.

Lisonse: “Yeah, but I got go. Maybe I’ll see you around.”

Waitress waives. Lisonse doesn’t. He then rides around town for a bit more as the day comes to an end. He stops at a hotel and looks at the room prices ($120/night).

Lisonse rides on to his old apartment. The camera's in motion and he's just out of sight long enough to check if the window is still slightly loose. He opens it and goes inside. Once inside, Lisonse takes a shower. Afterwards, he lies on the bed.

Lisonse: “On to bigger and better things.”

Sim: “You’re a liar.”