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Stalker Prince 17

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Act 1 Scene 17

Mr.Walson points at Lisonse, then Santi.

Mr.Walson: “Lisonse. Santi.”

Section 4 Head: “How uh… are they along?”

Mr.Walson: “Within the week at the most.”

Section 1 Head: “In any case, we have things to discuss. Section 2, you’re behind on schedule.”

Mr.Walson: “Everything’s being worked out. One of the front group’s trying to renegotiate the terms for filing our smaller patents through them. But a push is in order.”

Section 1 Head: “Also, your Section’s been noisy regarding sending information. At least one watch dog group has noticed. It’s not a significant problem, but this stops. Understood?”

Mr.Walson: “Fair enough”

Section 1 Head: “Section 3, how’s the new stuff coming?”

Section 3 Head: “The plant’s fruit is about half as powerful as standard government grade ecstacy, but it’s better on soil. In about a month, the FDA should give one of our farms the green light.”

Santi: “Wait, so we’re drug dealers?”

Mr.Walson laughs and Section 3 Head raises his eyebrow.

Mr.Walson: “I just realized that doesn’t have anywhere near the effect without your dog around.”

Section 3 Head: “We’re a good deal more than simple public farmers. It’s not my purpose to call your section antiquated, but our methods have out performed yours pretty much from the begininning. Aside from pre-learner simulators and the suits, you really haven’t pulled your weight in a while. Section 4 could probably put your men to some use.”

Section 4 Head: “I understand the purpose of ‘friendly rivalry’, but this is going nowhere fast.”

Section 1 Head: “Very well, then. Section 4, how’s the regenerative process going?”

Section 4 Head: “Relatively well. We need more test subjects, but we’ve been able to push the revival period up to a week. But by then, they don’t really much brain power. The spine can take over a bit, but they’re pretty much only good for simple orders.”

Section 1 Head: “If need be, that’ll do.”