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Stalker Prince 15

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Act 1 Scene 15

The environment is a city. The youths are checking out the area when Mr.Walson snaps his fingers.

Mr.Walson: “The object for simplification is a round blue disc inside this building. There are search lights, guards, and various other obstacles. Retrieve it.”

The youths split into their respective groups. Santi’s group is gone and Ted’s group starts walking around. Rex’s group huddles.

Rex: “How do we do this?”

Lisonse: “Did Santi’s group use the front door?”

Rex: “I’m not sure. Check it.”

Lisonse runs to the door, opens it, and rejoins.

Lisonse: “It’s open.”

Rex: “That’s probably the way to go then.”

The group runs in and leans against the wall.

Rex: “From here on, we need to be quiet.”

Lisonse: “You’re going to have to talk a little louder. I couldn’t hear what you were whispering.”

Rex: “Be quiet.”

Lisonse: “I was just trying to find out what you were saying.”

Rex: “No, I was saying that we have to be quiet.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough.”

Rex: “Check the doors.”

The other two nod. Wright finds door 1 locked. Rex’s door 2 is unlocked. Lisonse’s door 3 is unlocked but it’s a closet inside. They enter door 2’s stairs and find the next floors door locked. They exit floor 3’s doors and see lights moving around the room.

Rex: “This is it, folks. Don’t let them hit you”

Lisonse notices Ted’s group trying to climb the building.

Lisonse: “Should we push them off?”

Rex: “Concentrate on the objective.”

The three maneuver around the lights and Lisonse peaks through a very small room’s window.

Lisonse: “There’s something in there. I’m going to check it.”

Rex: “Fair enough.”

Lisonse opens the door to find a little girl.

Sim: “My name’s Sim. Are you with the people who pushed me in here?”

Lisonse shrugs. Sim inches towards the door and he blocks the opening. Sim bolts and begins screaming. Lisonse grabs her and covers her mouth just as she makes it to the door. He yanks her back into the room and hears a pop. Sim goes limp and Lisonse drops her.

Rex: “What the heck?! Are you trying to get us caught?!”

Lisonse: “What’s wrong with her?”

Rex: “She’s dead. This is a game. Man up.”

Lisonse: “She’s warm.”

Rex: “Because she’s programmed to be warm. Get up.”

Lisonse gets up and the three make it through to the door on the opposite of the room.

Rex: “Wright, check floor 2’s door.
Lisonse, check 4’s door. If we hurry, we might still..”

The simulation shuts off. Santi’s group takes off their helmet and proceed to do victory dances. Rex gives Lisonse a scowl and leaves. Wright simply leaves. Lisonse stays for a bit.

Mr.Walson reenters.

Mr.Walson: “Something the matter?”

Lisonse: “I killed a kid.”

Mr.Walson: “You mean in the game, right?”

Lisonse: “Yeah, but she felt real.”

Mr.Walson: “We have pretty good programmers. In any case, it's not a big deal. She wasn't one of us.”

Lisonse: “You mean a simulation?”

Mr.Walson: “Uh… yeah. First kills take a bit to get used to. Soon enough, you’ll be bouncing around the city and killing ninjas or whatever the mission specs are.”

Lisonse: “I guess.”

Mr.Walson: “Tell you what, I’m attending a meeting with the other sections and it’s kind of tradition to bring two group representatives. Want to come?”

Lisonse: “I guess.”

Mr.Walson: “Soon enough, we’ll have that frown upside down... by whatever means.”