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Stalker Prince 14

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Act 1 Scene 14

Lisonse is shown biking home with shaky balance. Once home, he falls asleep on the floor. Lisonse wakes up around six and bikes to the hub. Mr.Chesney stops him at the door.

Mr.Chesney: “What’s your deal? First you’re late, and you didn’t even show up yesterday.”

Lisonse: “Wait, I was here yesterday.”

Mr.Chesney: “That was Wednesday. I’ve been giving you a little lee way on account of your beat downs, but this cuts it...”

Lisonse: “Please don’t. I need this job. Well, I’m applicable for welfare, but I like being employed.”

Mr.Chesney: “Last chance, kid. If you’re late one more time, don’t bother showing up.”

Lisonse: “Thank you so much. You won’t regret it.”

Mr.Chesney: “I already do, but get your packages and do your job.”

Lisonse grabs the packages and quickly delivers them before riding to the facility. Lisonse works out, practices martial arts, and gets a shower. He is then shown putting on the helment and fighting a person in a dojo. Lisonse lands a single punch before losing. Lisonse takes off the helmet to find Mr.Walson leaning against the wall.

Mr.Walson: “You’ve logged a decent amount of time on here. You still need to move in though.”

Lisonse: “Sorry, guess I got caught up in training.”

Mr.Walson: “It’s disappointing that you haven’t yet.”

Lisonse: “Consider it done.”

Mr.Walson: “Remember, a full person requires little.”

Lisonse quickly leaves quickly and bikes home. He grabs his clothes and an old computer. He loads them onto on his bike and bikes back to the facility. He’s sweating and gasping for air. Mr.Walson shows him to the barracks.

Mr.Walson: “That was pretty fast. Put your stuff in here and get in the sim room for today’s special game.”

Lisonse is shown entering the sim room with the other youths already in their chairs. Lisonse sits and puts on his helmet.

Mr.Walson: “Today’s mission is special. For those who haven’t tried the fighting sim, we’ll practice tomorrow. Today, you’re to try to find a specific object without raising alarms.”

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Out of curiosity, do any of

Out of curiosity, do any of you readers think I'm posting these too often?

I don't think so. But things

I don't think so. But things did slow down there for a while, so it may be taking people some time to get back into the swing of keeping up with new posts.

I've been on the road, so I'm hoping to catch up with everything this weekend and try (I also hope) to offer some helpful feedback.