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Stalker Prince 12

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Act 1 Scene 12

Lisonse and the others hit the showers. Afterwards they enter the sim room with Lisonse being the first to put on his helmet. The world melts away. He’s alone in the middle of the woods. He taps the ground, looking satisfied by the additional senses he’s experiencing. Soon enough, the others arrive.

Mr.Walson: “I imagine a few of you are still a little pumped after that workout, so we’re going to give just a little bit of an advanced taste. One of the benefits of these particular models is that we can run simulations simultaneously with pre-learning. Today’s particular game is essentially an upgraded version of the old military sims. Today’s session will only run for about twenty minutes. You’re all welcome to spend more time in here, but I’d prefer to do postpone the more advanced sims until the weekend when the others move in.”

Rob: “Move in?”

Mr.Walson: “Err… well yes. I meant when they arrive, but we’d like for all of you to move in before the weekend after this. This place is additionally designated as government housing and we’ve already cleared out most of the rooms, so the sooner the better.”

Rob: “Were there folks living there go?”

Mr.Walson: “Onto bigger and better things I suppose. In any case, we’ve already got the necessary moving papers and you’re all within the proper definitions, so there’ll be no hang ups. But this can actually wait until later. This probably goes without saying, but none of this is real. I would like for you to kill each other. The exit phrase is ‘exit simulation now’, but it would be unfortunate were it to be used. I would suggest that you all simply have some good clean fun and take no offense. If you don’t last the full twenty minutes, don’t sweat it. The lesson for today is a short one.”

Mr.Walson disappears and Rob throws a piece of dirt at Wright who just stares at him. Lisonse picks up a stick and looks at it before he’s hit with a rock by Rob. Lisonse hits Wright in the head and Wright falls over, staring at him. Rob pushes Lisonse over, only to be hit by the stick. Wright hits Rob over the head with a rock. Lisonse tackles Wright and is hit by Rob with the stick. Lisonse tackles Rob and takes the stick from him before stabbing him through the eye with it. Before Lisonse can up, Wright hits him in the head and proceeds to beat him to death with the rock.

Lisonse takes the helmet off and feels his head to find no cuts or bruises. Rob looks displeased and

Wright takes off his helmet.

Wright: “Won”

Mr.Walson: “That was pretty quick. Maybe next time you all might want to use cover or start using strategy. I guess it doesn’t really matter for today. Into the study room.”

Mr.Walson leads the three into a room with one of the large TV’s.

Mr.Walson: “Sit down and relax. We’re going to learn a bit.”

The three sit and watch.

TV: “The current progress hindering system requires adjustment. In the name of unity, alternate philosophy has been confiscated. In the name of equality, personal power has been confiscated. In the name of harmony, worth is confiscated. Repeat.”

The youths repeat.

TV: “It is only through The Organization that these inalienable rights will be restored. Only through The Organization will I be able to restore the world. Repeat.”

The youths repeat.