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Stalker Prince 10

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Act 1 Scene 10

The helmet comes off and Lisonse steps out of the chair, looking confused. He is then shown doing exercises (bench presses, crunches, jogging, etc). Afterwards, Lisonse is shown leaving the locker room when Mr.Walson appears.

Mr.Walson: “You’re not about to leave, are you? We’re just about to start another movie. Pretty good one. Besides a little more time won’t hurt.”

Lisonse: “Guess not”

Lisonse follows Mr.Walson into the TV room and finds Wright, Santi, and Rob already watching. Santi nods at him. The movie starts.

Movie: “You are a cancer hindering progress. Are my actions improper? Yes. Are they required? Absolutely.”
The movie ends with the sound of a neck breaking. Everyone gets up and stretches.

Lisonse: “Something seem strange to you?”

Wright: In monotone, “The bakery is 6.66 kilometer North West. Estimated arrival time, assuming vehicle transportation, 10 minutes.”

Lisonse scowls at him. Wright continues to have a blank stare.

Lisonse: “No, I mean the movie felt different.”

Rob: “I think it’s just a movie.”

Santi: “Beats regular TV.”

Mr.Walson reenters.

Mr.Walson: “Everything going well?”

Lisonse: “Is something up with the TV?”

Mr.Walson: “What do you mean?”

Lisonse: “Well, it felt kinda weird when I watching. Like a picture with a see-through picture on top.”

Mr.Walson: “That’s non-sense. The machine performs well outside the frame speed for visual recognition. Err… That is to say you shouldn’t be seeing anything.”

Lisonse: “Are you saying that we’re simply not seeing something?”

Mr.Walson: “You’re probably not seeing the big picture.”

Lisonse looks around. Santi leaves.

Lisonse: “I don’t see it.”

Mr.Walson: “I’ll show you soon enough.”

Lisonse: “That sounded mildly evil.”

Mr.Walson: “Yeah… Sorry about that. I’m going to have to work on phrasing. What I meant to say is that I know a thing or two about philosophy and intend to impart my knowledge to you kids. Today, I’m going to give you all just a little taste.”

Mr.Walson leads the remaining youths into the padded room.

Mr.Walson: “Can I get you to do something for me, Lisonse?”

Lisonse: “I can try.”

Mr.Walson: “I’d like you to hit me.”