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Stalker Prince 9

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Act1 Scene 9

Lisonse is in a large white empty room. He moves around a bit, tapping the ground to feel its reaction. Lisonse exits the room to find a large white hallway with several white doors. He opens a few to find large rooms inside. There is no furniture. After running for as long as he can, Lisonse finds that there is no end to the hallway. He has to sit to catch his breath.

While sitting, he notices the air feels realer. He waves his hand through, feel the air’s almost liquid reaction. It has a slight wet taste. He can hear the reverberations of it echo. He can even see the smallest ripples if he sits still enough. The longer he doesn’t move, the more he is aware of everything.

Nirvana doesn’t last long before his breath feels short. The hallscape starts to fragment and fade. Something is shaking him and making unfamiliar sounds. The slap pulls him back and the walls start becoming recognizable. The pattern of the words now make sense.

Lisonse: “How’d I do?”

Mr.Walson: “Your readings looked like we were getting some interference.”

Lisonse steps out of the chair and taps his feet. The floor doesn’t feel as real anymore.

Lisonse: “nano stuff?”

Mr.Walson: “Perhaps. We’d like to study those things some time. We might have to wait a bit before sending you in again.”

Lisonse: “It’s alright. Probably just a first time thing. I’ll be perfect next time.”

Mr.Walson has a skeptical look on his face.

Mr.Walson: “Fair enough. The rest of the group’s left. You should probably do the same. But I’d like for you to come here through the week and train.”

Lisonse bikes home and leans against the wall. He looks disappointed. Lisonse begins breathing through his nose, then through his mouth. Afterwards, he goes to bed and tries to sleeps the rest of the weekend away.

Lisonse wakes up at 6:30 and eats breakfast. It doesn’t taste the same anymore and he ends up only finishing half of it. The shower and teeth brushing take longer than usual and Lisonse ends up being slightly late to work. Mr.Chesney starts to mention something but Lisonse just stares at him before checking out routes, picking up the packages and leaving.

The deliveries are done soon enough and Lisonse rides as fast as possible to the facility. The helmet goes over his head and Lisonse is surprised to find that he doesn’t feel the sense of hyper reality anymore. The room is a room.

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Out of curiosity, what do

Out of curiosity, what do you folks think of the story's pace? Too slow,too fast, or reasonable?