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Stalker Prince 5

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Act 1 Scene 5

The room has eight other people sitting with a reasonable amount of space between them, as opposed to the community center. There’s an action movie on the large screen.

Movie: “You can’t touch me! I’m doing what’s best for the people!”

Lisonse sits and looks at the closest person. The screen flashes and a gunshot is heard.

Lisonse: “Did I miss much?”

Wright: “The television is 2.573 meters north.”

Lisonse: “I meant the movie.”

Wright: “Not sure. Haven’t been paying attention.”

Lisonse: “Sorry. You looked like you were watching the TV.”

Wright: “Was”

Lisonse: “So… You were watching the TV, itself… and not what was on it?”

Wright: “Correct”

Lisonse: “Also, I kind of have to call you out on the units. Because, unless you measured, it sounds like shenanigans.”

Wright: “Eighth generational taxi driver. Selective breeding. Brain does the distances for me.”

Lisonse: “What’s the closest route to a bank around here?”

Wright: “Take route 9 south 7.4 kilometers. Exit. Left turn .3 kilometers. Estimated arrival time, assuming vehicle transportation, 11 minutes.”

Lisonse holds up six fingers.

Lisonse: “How many fingers am I holding up?”

Wright stares at Lisonse’s hand and pauses for roughly five seconds.

Wright: “Six”

Lisonse: “That’s kind of funny to me. Wait, so does that mean you’re inbred?”

Wright: “Only a little. The family mostly set about finding other taxi drivers to pair with based on ability.”

Lisonse: “Fair enough... I’ll try to not to come up with map/cousin jokes.”

The TV screen shuts off and Mr. Walson steps in front of the group.

Mr.Walson: “I’d like to thank all of you for coming. You all are probably wondering why you’re here.”