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Stalker Prince 3

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Act 1 Scene 3

Lisonse is shown waking at 6:00 AM. The refrigerator is opened. Food is consumed. Teeth are brushed and showers are taken. He grabs his work bike and heads out, limping slightly. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub slightly late. Mr. Chesney only gives him a look. Lisonse takes his packages but stops at one of the computers.

Mr.Chesney: “What are you doing?”

Lisonse: “I’m checking the public security cam site to see which routes are safe.”

Lisonse is shown riding around town looking around corners in a general cowardly manner. In each shot, Lisonse is shown to have one less package. The work day ends and Lisonse is riding home when struck from the side.

Beta: “Boom. Wait... Isn’t this like, the guy from yesterday?”

Alpha is silent.

Gamma: “Do you guys think I need a hair cut?”

Lisonse: “Look, I’ve got no cash or packages and this area’s got working cameras. Back off.”

Alpha picks up Lisonse’s bike and tosses it to Beta who tosses it to Gamma.

Alpha: “Long walk”

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma ride off with Gamma nearly falling over several times. Lisonse calls police.

Police: “You've reached local police system. What's your situation?”

Lisonse: “I've just been robbed. Again…”

Lisonse is shown talking to officer.

Officer: “Sorry, but it looks like we’re probably can’t track them. It’s easy enough to do in the day with someone walking. You use the shadow for height, weight, and walking pattern, which is kinda hard to fake without causing attention. It looks like they probably just went into a neighboring dead zone. Supposedly, they’re going to fix the busted cams by next week.”

Lisonse: “Can’t you find the places selling the style of clothing they’re wearing or the bikes or something? Also, one of them said something about haircuts, so you could keep a watch on barber shops? I mean, there’s like seven adults per kid, so it shouldn’t be that hard.”

Police: “That’d be a decent plan, except that we’re slightly under budget and we’re kinda swamped with bigger cases. If you see them, call.”

Lisonse is shown getting dropped off by a squad car at home. After eating, Lisonse calls up Mr.Richards.

Mr.Richards: “Mr.Lisonse, what can I do for you?”

Lisonse: “When’s this club thing?”

Mr.Richards: “We were hoping you’d be interested. Tomorrow around seven a good time?”