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Stalker Prince2

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Act 1 Scene 2

Lisonse leaves the community center on bike. Lisonse is shown riding subway. Once home, he logs on his computer and researches Mr.Walson.

Various minor articles are found. Community center contributions. Opponent of mandatory volunteering program. History in Survey Analysis. Business degree.

Lisonse is shown going to sleep in bed, then awaking at 6:00 AM. The refrigerator is opened. Food is taken out. Teeth are brushed and showers are taken. He grabs his other bike and heads out. Lisonse arrives at delivery hub and taps on staff door. Enter Mr. Chesney.

Lisonse: “Mr.Chesney?”

Mr.Chesney: “Are you the new guy?”

Lisonse: “Yes”

Mr.Chesney: “The slot with your name has your packages. You're supposed to have your own equipment. Everybody knows this antique delivery system's just a tax write off meant to help under 30 year olds get employment, so it's not as if a lot's expected from you, but if you cause trouble, there are still enough youngsters in this area to replace you.”

Lisonse picks up the packages and gets on bike. After making a few deliveries, Lisonse rides into old district when bikers Alpha, Beta, and Gamma circle him, forcing him to stop. Alpha and Beta stop perfectly while Gamma nearly falls off his bike. None of them are particularly built. Biker faces are semi obscured by jogging jacket collars.

Lisonse: “Really?... I’m just doing my job.”

Alpha biker adjusts his glass before pulling out a sharp metal shiv from jacket and taps it on his leg.

Alpha: “Wrong turf Pays.

Lisonse: “You realize I’m a federal employee, right?”

Alpha: “Who isn’t?”

Beta: “Yeah, like, technically everyone's a federal employee.”

Gamma: “Hey guys, my pants are kinda stuck in the chain.”

Beta pulls out a sharpened glass shard and gives it to Gamma.

Gamma: “It's cool, I actually snagged a plastic knife from lunch and sharpened it. I'm good.”

Gamma drops the plastic knife and falls over while trying to pick it up. Alpha sighs then looks Lisonse in the eyes.

Alpha: “Hey Gamma, why don't you get some snacks. 37 th, okay. Cameras should still be out. Walk right. Non-conspicuous.”

Gamma rides off.Beta tackles Lisonse to the ground and Alpha kicks him a couple of times before taking his wallet and package.

Alpha: “Next time, silence and cash.”

Beta: “Yeah, or like, pay the price again. Physical price. Well, in addition to the financial price.”

Lisonse coughs while getting up.

Lisonse: “It's my first day.”

Beta laughs and pulls off lisonse's bike's GPS sticker, steps on it, then scrapes it on the concreet. Gamma arrives and the three ride off. Lisonse tries to fold the sticker back into place, but ends up recycling it at the store for a discount on a new one. Lisonse pulls out his phone.

Police: “You've reached local police system. What's your situation?”

Lisonse: “I've just been robbed.”

Police: “There are no working public cameras in your current area based on your phone's coordinates. Did this occur in your current area?”

Lisonse: “Yeah”

Police: “Someone can be with you soon to get a description. Stand by.”

Lisonse is shown getting dropped off by a squad car. After getting chewed out by Mr.Chesney, Lisonse rides leisurely home on his bike. After eating, he brushes his teeth and showers. Lisonse lays in bed thinking.