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The Snake is a standing wave with chaotic interference making it warble.

We Made
We Made Us

At some point in our future we wanted to see once and for all whether or not life was Created or evolved spontaneously. The only suitable way was to make a universe in the laboratory, and see what happened. But then, someone had to _observe_ the results, didn't they?

In the process of observation, the observer changed the state of the newly born cosmos and


There we were. Again.

We Made
We Made Us

We are the snake that eats its tail, desperately hoping that the cycle might be broken, not knowing how to do so, and forgetting each time that a circle is merely a slice of something with greater dimension.

And in greater dimensions, knots can be undone with nary a cut at all.

Oh, no, not again!


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Hahahha...thanks. Somebody

Hahahha...thanks. Somebody stop this record's skipping...

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This is provocative in its ambiguity.

Koestler had a mirror with the frame as an Ouroborous.