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my wife passed away this morning

Maura took a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse not quite two weeks ago. We were able to keep her from suffering too much.

I'll probably just lurk the boards for a while... don't feel too chatty.

Momma told me (after her own mastectomy), 'If there's anything you want to do, get out there and do it, because life is short'. Now I tell this to all of you.

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Good Luck

You have my best wishes. I am so sorry for your loss. Good luck.


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So very sorry

Take care, sir.

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Best to you

Very sorry to hear this. As writers we often think we can do anything with words, but sometimes they just aren't able to convey reality.

Communicate here as often or as little as you choose to. We'll be here for you.

So very sorry to hear about

So very sorry to hear about your loss, for you and for your family.