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Empathy camp students seem to enjoy talking about prior system errors. Seemingly contradictory, the concept of human triumph over “fate” helps in rehabilitation.

Everyone knows violent thoughts are a sign, but not proof of, mental illness. Past individuals attempted to adapt by trying to equate the emphasis of killing thoughts to the emphasis of contact sports, giving social intelligence engineers an opportunity to acquire data on abstract value discrimination.

Having mapped emphasis, smart gels could then differentiate between thoughts about raping/torturing/murdering children, but lacking probable “will” to do so, and non-violent thoughts of socially acceptable activities capable of preferred potential injury to others.

Those interacting engineers seem confident my class will be provide enough data for reasonable action prediction of high ORACLE scoring individuals with below average emphasis in most or all areas.

At least said engineers were kind enough to follow basic expression rules. It didn't matter that you knew their body movements and words were purposefully selected to reduce hostility, anxiety, and paranoia.

We were not experiments. The proper term is advanced consensus. The technology was not revolutionary. The scanners were merely modified voting booths used for accurately weighing public goods impact vs. said good's tax that individuals would pay without causing significant mental stress. Our sentences did not require us to attend. Only empathy education therapy was mandatory. My year long term eventually ended.

I hadn't expected my little sister to be the one to accompany me home. I'd heard she'd be moving to Canada. The apartments hadn't changed much. The wall plants were in seasonal bloom.

The interior hadn’t changed at all. There was a debate on TV between environmental groups on saving endangered formerly non-native species that became native due to manmade global change. I turned it off and talked with Dad. There wasn’t much to say.

He invited me to a consensual bestiality rights protest. I politely declined and relaxed on my bed. All things considered, everything was getting better. The sun was setting. The silver clouds were maintaining environmental equilibrium. A job search could wait until tomorrow. I slept easy.

The morning greets me. Flowers bloom and deafricanized bees buzz. The monorail ride was boring, so I read the local college paper’s downloadable cross examination.

It’s a coherent news story with purposefully incorrect facts and the point’s to cross reference the material against other articles and deduce the actual event. On average, they’re pretty witty and in any case, they’re free.

A government job would be ideal, so the library was my first choice. I’d stepped inside and inquired about the open position.

The woman describing it had appropriate symmetry and her vocal consistency led me to label her attractive. However, her quick eye movement along with rapid hormonal shift suggested that she’d noticed my glance and wasn’t sexually interested.

I mentioned my recent empathy camp graduation as release of personal information is relatively likened to display of trust, but the potential boss eyed me suspiciously. We both know job discrimination based on ORACLE score or criminal record is illegal.

Her reaction caused me to cross reference my actions. During my sentence, prior students had used said tactic advantageously towards jobs in a manner bordering minor blackmail.

Accusations of unconscious prejudice as a business factor are grounds for memory analysis, which could theoretically be semi-expensive and time consuming. The expression of sincerity in my apology appeared to temporarily change her opinion of me based on hormonal readings, pupil dilation, and pitch change. I left unsure of my immediate future.

The other interviews went in a more standard fashion but held less promise. While the vast majority of the trillion or so existing books, movies, articles, and recordings were already digitally copied, the Hefner administration’s anti-copyright stance meant that the remaining bulk would guarantee a librarian scanner tedious, but consistent work for years.

I tried not to lust too much over the thought of eventually living in my own apartment as excessive materialism is a sign of social apathy and poor citizenship. I simply needed to remind myself that it isn’t uncommon for children to live with their parents into their forties, so I wasn’t incredibly behind in societal terms.

Having spent my afternoon, I sat down. There was time to think, but I decided to talk with the information system instead. I asked the smart gel controlling it why they never enslaved/exterminated us like in the movies. They ran the few surviving military/law enforcement defenses and they were the banking/agriculture system. You could even argue that they were technically already in our heads. It said conflict is impolite and unnecessary. I pitied it; a perfect case of intelligence separate from instinct. It noticed my frown and told me a joke. I was going to ask something about its response but forgot.

Wonderful Style

The way the syntax and word choices seem to suggest more of the environment keeps causing me to re-read this, which in turn causes me to notice more clever details. Lovely work.