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Immobile Suit Gundam

Last night my son asked me, "Why do they call it 'Mobile Suit Gundam'?" I had to think about it...

Dr. Hidekatsu Shibata raised his eyes from the cosmoscope. There was no question about it at all. The Zeon forces had returned, and their attack on the Earth had begun. He nodded once, for this was the moment he had been preparing for nearly all his life.

As a member of Earth Defense Force, Dr. Shibata had been involved in the Gundam project from the beginning. A thousand other noble scientist-warriors were his comrades. They would show the Zeons that the Earth was stronger than ever. He sent out the alert from his console.

He rose and dressed himself for battle. When he was done, he noticed his daughter Fuyumi peering around the edge of the laboratory door. He beckoned her inside.

“Father, what are you doing?”

“It is time to fight the invaders.”

Her eight year old eyes widened in fear. “Father, please save the Earth.”

He smiled at her and kissed her on the top of the head. He left the room without saying anything else.

The hatch closed behind him and he could hear the faint sounds of the gantry retracting. He strapped himself into the contour seat and began his power up checklist. This would be the first real test of the Mismo gun, an entirely new form of energy weapon with great destructive power. Shibata was ready to show what the gun could do.

He completed his checklist and had the Immobile Suit Gundam up and running just as the first Zeon fighter appeared on his targeting screen. He removed all safeties from the Mismo Gun controls. The first shot should devastate an entire squadron.

Dr. Shibata raised the mighty right arm of the suit high above the head. The gun was built into the hand. He was ready. The Zeons were flying towards his position now. He smiled.

Then the concrete pad beneath his suit began to give way. Perhaps the gantry had provided more stability, and now that it was gone, the suit had shifted. The weight of the arm caused the machine to topple backwards onto the ground.

He survived the fall without any damage to himself. After the initial shock wore off, he attempted to reposition the right arm of the suit. It got about three meters off the ground before something ruptured at the shoulder and the arm froze in place. Shibata realized that he would be unable to use the Mismo gun.

He looked out the windshield at the sky. He saw a Zeon fighter high above. My logic is flawed.


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As much as I theoretically

As much as I theoretically enjoy happy endings, the center of mass/insane blast radius issue has always irked me a little.