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La voyage dans la Lune, Chapter 2

(Part 5 of ?)

The next day passed uneventfully, though not swiftly. Kevin had a dreadful time paying attention to whatever he was supposed to be doing. He was most definitely not in the moment.

When night came he left his robes with Fiona and made his way down to the water again. He made a wide circle around the pool. Eventually he came to a spot where he could vault over the river, instead of flying. He ducked down and crept from one boulder to another.

He spent some time observing the suspects. He could see them well enough from where was hiding. There were only two of them tonight. Kevin was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to get any others. He decided to move forward.

The Angry Man felt his cape snag on something. That almost never happened. Then his head was jerked back by the neck. He stumbled back and felt himself pushed against a boulder. He saw the starlight reflected on huge convex lenses.

The figure was slightly shorter than him, and a bit on the stocky side. Kevin could tell that the suit was dark brown, with large, pointed ear shapes on the headpiece. The front of the cowl was black, and whatever skin showed was dark.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The voice was a cold, quiet hiss. “You’re messing it up for everybody!”

Kevin couldn’t believe what was happening. How could he be seeing the Flying Fox? One of the Four Horsemen, right in front of him!

“You —” The Fox shook his head. “King of the fuckin’ yahoos. And you’re prancing around in my village?”

“We didn’t know you were here… we weren’t looking for you —” Here he tilted his head towards the river. “Or them. It just happened.”

The Fox looked away without saying anything. Then he shook his head again. “I’ve been here nearly five years… laying low. These guys are small potatoes. Why can’t you just leave off?”

“This is not the plan. We have much different things in mind. Disappear again while you still can.”

The Flying Fox finally let go of Angry Man. He began to spread his wings. There came a faint hum, and with a rush of air the Fox was gone. Kevin knew that there was some sort of jetpack under those semi–rigid wings, but that was the sum of his knowledge. The Horsemen were a big time NYC outfit. The Offenders had never crossed their path.

There was so much he wanted to think about, but he heard a scream. It was Fiona. Then some other noises. Voices, perhaps, followed by a splash. He jumped over a boulder towards the water. He saw Fiona and her assailant on the far shore. She hadn’t been taken completely unawares, as he thought he saw her in a ready stance. The other was waving a knife now, but was clearly uncertain about what to do next.

Kevin grabbed a stone and threw it at the man with the knife. It struck him well enough, giving Fiona a chance to hit him with a front kick. He went down.

There was some light under the water. Kevin charged towards the river’s edge and took a very deep breath before plunging in. The water was shockingly cold and the current was strong. He opened his eyes and swam downward. The current and noise faded quickly as he descended into… what? A sinkhole? It was very deep.

Definitely a light down there… and bubbles rising. Treasure hunters. Probably some gold and silver down there. They must not have been able to get deep enough yet. He had a feeling that tonight was supposed to have been their night.

He could sort of see the diver now. The guy had something shiny in one hand. Kevin didn’t want to use up his air too quickly, so he just grabbed the diver’s harness and began blazing his way back to the surface. Fuck subtlety.

The diver was flailing about, but Kevin paid him no heed. He had to get back to the surface to see what was happening with Fiona. He felt a prick on his leg. He looked down and guessed that the guy was trying to stab him in the leg. That cheap–ass knife wasn’t going to do any good, though.

He made his wristbands glow brighter now, searching for the surface. Couldn’t be too much farther. The diver changed tactics and was trying to pull his way up Kevin’s arm. It was a bit like dealing with an overexcited cat.

His fist broke the surface a moment later. He increased his thrust now to compensate. He plotted a trajectory to the shore, then turned his attention to the diver. Kevin could sort of see huge eyes behind the mask. The guy was still breathing through the regulator, too frightened to even think about what he was doing.

Kevin couldn’t see Fiona anywhere on the shore. There were several people on the river’s edge now, most of them bundled up against the cold. Some of them were holding a man down. He watched all of them turn their eyes towards him and his prisoner.

The diver was still fighting him, but had only succeeded in tangling himself up more. Kevin hadn’t lost his grip on the harness, but the guy was now sort of hanging in front of him. Oh… oh shit! He saw people dropping to their knees. Some prostrated themselves fully on the ground. He remembered the paintings of the peaceful and wrathful deities he’d seen. The ones that appear with their consorts embracing them. I’m impersonating a god. I’ll never hear the end of this!

He quickly conked the diver on the head, rendering him unconscious. The Angry Man landed at the water’s edge and quickly dumped his captive on the rocks. He smelled the mud sizzling beneath his boots. Then he launched himself upwards, flying fast and high, trying to disappear.

“Fiona! Fiona, are you okay?!”

“Yes, dear. I’ve got some brilliant footage.”

“What the hell for?! You could have been killed!”

“These…” Fiona’s smile was clearly audible. “Punks, as you would call them, are no real threat to us.”

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