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The green light at the the corner of Garland and Main shines like a leprechaun's green, shines like kryptonite, like lasers and Las Vegas, all green and unearthly. It's powered by glowbugs that were originally from the Amazonian jungle. These glowbugs drink the sap from trees. Bacteria in the guts of the glowbugs convert the stored sunlight from the sap into an incandescent juice. While most living things that produce light do so in a cold chemical reaction, these glowbugs burn the juice and their shells are a clear chitinous prism which make the light twinkle green like moonrocks.

At midnight, a person who walks down Main to get a pack of cigarettes from the corner-store before it closes can see the little glowbugs dance and skittle in their little globe that's stuck at the top of the streetpole in front of the store. After he buys the cigarettes, he chucks rocks at the glass globe until the glowbugs are in an eye-blinding fury. The man takes his cigarette and holds it close to the globe until the tip catches on fire. The man walks back down Main Street, the tip of his cigarette burning an unearthly green. This is the best way to smoke cigarettes: with the fire distilled from the Amazonian jungle.

The smoke from a cigarette lit in such a fashion curls into the air in rope-like clouds. The smoke will take the shape and form of whatever the smoker is thinking. The man is thinking of his wife and the smoke changes until he sees her face in the cloud. He is embarrassed and the smoke dissipates into the night breeze.


I see this in perfect clarity.