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The Investigation

Gus Savoie's picture

Doc crashes through the door and slumps against it choking for oxygen. He is pouring sweat.

Timbot is agitated. Tang is oblivious, lost in his tablet. I offer Doc some water.

He eventually begins breathing close to normally and he tells me what has happened to him.

He tells me, quietly, that his license has been suspended pending an investigation into his shift-section. Everyone in his section has been put on paid hiatus until the investigation is completed.

Routine, actually - but I can tell there is something else. He's been hitting the Goof a little too much lately, starting to get that Schizo paranoia again. Connecting a few too many social dots.

He's just run in a panic from the pubTrans because he's afraid he's being followed. Timbot explodes. Doc calms him with a loot bag.

"Where's Tang?" he asks. I'm in the mood to conjure us up some alternate reality tonight. Let's all crew a nice, pleasant dream for a change. No more of this combative or academic defense bullshit. Bedsides," he purrs. "I have something special for everyone. Don't we deserve a break today?" He looks at my busted hand, "Sorry, Kitkat" he says with a smile.