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La voyage dans la Lune, Chapter 3

(Part 1 of ?)

June twenty-first 2007, over the Shackleton range, Antarctica.

He looked out the window again. Still nothing. “How’s the weather?”

“Perfectly dreadful. Forty below and the wind is eighty knots below one thousand feet. Happy Solstice.”

“Back at ya, babe. I think it’s time I let Serenity take over.”

Fiona straightened her seat up and adjusted her harness. “She can see better than we can through this weather.”

Kevin scanned his panel again. “Serenity?”


“Would you take us the rest of the way, please?”

“I was wondering when you’d get around to it.” Serenity lit the ‘AutoPilot’ lamp and deactivated the force feedback on the controls. A moment later she descended into the blowing layer of snow, pitching back a bit as they passed through the wind shear. The main displays quickly cycled through several screens before settling on a terrain–following radar image showing the distance to the camp. Another twenty miles and a bit.

Kevin looked up from the instrument panel at the windscreen, which was now covered with streams of blowing snow. Won’t see anything through there for a while. He turned around to look for Fiona. She was back towards the stern rummaging around in a small duffel bag. Right. For lunches they’d be testing various energy bar concoctions for ‘bearability’ as she’d put it.

They’d be testing all the provisions these next two weeks. They’d also be paying a great deal of attention to Serenity’s ability to handle the extreme cold. The storm would blow through before tomorrow morning, if one could call it that. At least the clocks could.

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