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La voyage dans la Lune, Chapter 2

(Part 3 of ?)

Eventually Kevin became aware of a growing commotion in the central courtyard. A number of villagers had come in. Some of them were quite agitated. There was one word that he could make out: Ghost.

He knew that was bad. Ghosts made people sick. Spirits abounded here in Bhutan, causing mischief wherever they were seen. He heard a lot of voices out there. If people were seeing ghosts, something strange was going on. Well. This could be what had been bothering him. Great. Am I looking for trouble, or does it just find me? I’m going to have to sneak out tonight for a look around. I’m going to feel like crap in the morning… it was easier when I didn’t sleep.

He went out to the railing and listened for a while. He could understand perhaps one word in twenty. How can I get more information on this? He heard the word ‘Lu’ meaning water spirit, many times. Upset Lu could cause great suffering to the village. Something about the river. There was a great pool just downstream from the dzong. That was were they said the local Lu dwelled.

He returned to his cell and rummaged through his gear. He pulled out a small earpiece and set it into place. He tapped it with his finger to activate it. “Fiona? Fiona, can you hear me?” He waited, hoping that she had heard the beep and would respond shortly.

He didn’t have to wait too long. “Yes, dear?”

“Something’s wrong. A bunch of people came in talking about ghosts and spirits. I think I’m going to have to take a walk tonight.”
“All right. Be careful, and be sure that you no forget to stop by here on your way back.”

He couldn’t help but smile. “Yes, love.”

“Put your robes back on over your costume.”

“Right.” Good idea. I would’ve forgotten about that.

He passed the time as best as he could, waiting until nightfall. In November it came fairly early, so he’d have plenty of time to work outside. He pulled out a book of translated sutras continued his studies.

When it was dark enough, he took off his robes and changed into the Angry Man. It had been some three months at least since he’d last done so. He took a moment to consider that, then shook his head. I don’t suppose I’ll ever truly retire. Eventually it just won’t happen when I want it to.

He shook off such morbid thoughts and pulled the cowl off of his head. He bundled up his cape and put his robes back on, doing his best to pull them down low enough to cover his boots. Then he looked at his gloved hands and the softly glowing wristbands. Well… I’ll just have to keep my hands hidden.

As he was a guest here, he’d been given a room with a window. He stuck his head out and judged that it was about fifty feet down to the ground. No problem. The area appeared clear for the moment. He leapt out and floated down to the ground, dragging a hand along the wall for guidance.

He looked around once more and then began walking towards the river. He tried to keep to the shadows, stopping every few steps to listen. The road was deserted, perhaps no one wanted to be out at night now. Good, that might make things easier.

He looked off in the distance for heat signatures. His weak infra–red vision showed him the usual stray dogs, but nothing else right now. He moved on. The pool was just down from some rapids, hard by a tall gray stone cliff. Fiona had told him that there were legends of sacred texts hidden in places such as that. Part of what made a particular location more sacred than others. The Bhutanese connected spirits or deities with almost every square meter in the country. He was about halfway there when he saw something.

Two or three people, perhaps. He was more exposed now, and he had to move very slowly. He found a boulder to hide behind and peered around it. Only one red glow now. What had happened? He looked back the way he came and saw nothing. He tried to work himself into the shadows some more.

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