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About Cougary

I'm sorry to say I've been putting off this post for weeks now, because it's one I wish I didn't have to write.

One Monday morning, a little over a month ago, Paul and I got an email from the family of Cougary, the author of 'The Last Hamlet' and many other fine and thoughtful contributions here at Oort Cloud.

Sadly, the email informed us that Cougary had passed away the previous weekend.

Cougary—-or as we also knew him, John—-had been a very generous member of Oort Cloud. He was quick to offer encouragement, and his critiques were well-intentioned and constructive. It didn't take long for him to become a strong presence around here, and that makes his loss an especially hard one to take. He will be missed.

One consolation is that his family has graciously agreed to allow us to keep John's stories posted here, where they can be read and enjoyed by everyone who visits Oort Cloud. I like to think that means John will still be with us, at least in spirit.

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This is very sad news. John

This is very sad news. John was a very nice fellow, and very enthusiastic about writing. The Last Hamlet is completely entertaining. He will be missed.

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I'm sorry to see John go as he was very diligent about giving feedback to a lot of folks herein.

Here's hoping we can all be a little more like him :-)

Ahh, heck!

As if I hadn't had enough bad news lately...

Cougary, we hardly knew ye!