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Writer's Interlude

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With the convenience of having one of my stories finished in its entirety, and the free time to churn out a second, ten pages at a time over the course of only a few days, I can't help but feel that I've been oversaturating the market of Oort-Cloud with my own name. This isn't what I had intended.

With the exception of Discovery 2.0 and Ryan's Clone (which is a fantastic read, might I add), not one post has been added to Oort-Cloud since my stampede of story segments. I hope that this was not a result of my recent arrival and flooded blog posting. I encourage every and all persons of Oort-Cloud to post at their heart's desires, anything and everything to come into their heads. I'd love some new content to read from the good folks here, to see some names to the right of the screen, under Recent Blog Posts, that aren't my own.

Such is why I believe I'm going to take a short reprieve from the posting business: to allow others time to post their own tales, and to give myself more time for my duties here in the real world (not that there are many to speak of, at this moment). Jobs won't find themselves, after all.

As far as 'Everman and Uriel' and 'Savage' are concerned, everything I've posted recently seems to be all introductions, in both stories. The last of the 'anti-heroes' in Savage have come forward, and Everman himself was finally introduced (in a rather long-winded bit, if I might say so), along with his buddy Gabriel.

I assure all my readers that the cut and dry 'medieval-ness' of Everman is about to come to a crashing end with two words: Steel Abominations.

I take this time to retreat back into the shadows. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments on any of my works. Throw your rotten tomatoes or raise high your holy handgrenades and count to three, if that be the case.

'til then...


Savage Ep. 1
Savage Ep. 2
Savage Ep. 3
Savage Ep. 4

"Everman and Uriel"
Chapter 1
Chapter 2


"I am the Dreamer of the Nexus"

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All well and true...

All well and true and good points, but I suspect not everybody in Oort-Cloud is currently unemployed with no lack of better things to do to keep churning out stories for sake of lack of hobbies. Hah!

Besides, this is a whole writing community. I want to give everyone time to read and comment on what I've done, as well as stand out of the spotlight long enough for someone else to take a turn. Don't want to be unfair to anybody else, after all.

Furthermore, I've been itching to play some old school Quake 1. I <3 nostalgia. Old games are the best.

I'd love to do a fanfiction-esque story about a dozen different older FPS's, but that's a well-trodden road to nowhere. I would need to do some serious re-working, deviations from the original plots, which defeats the purpose of a fanfiction entirely. Been on my mind alot. Don't think it'll ever come to form, though. Too many complications.


I am the Dreamer of the Nexus.

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It's makes sense to post a lot when you arrive, since you probably have it laying around. People will likely be slower in posting responses though. Nothing wrong with that.

Besides, goes through ups and downs in traffic and posting patterns, so you just filled up a gap in a slow week :-D

Glad to have you here. If you stick around, you'll see all the fluctuations we go through in the course of a year. :-)

It's ok, bro...

You're among friends!

You are on a hot streak and you want to share it with the world. I remember that feeling when I was posting AHO, and I hope to feel it again someday.

Keep writing, and keep posting when you can.

No worries

Nothing wrong with posting a lot at first. (Nothing wrong with posting a lot whenever!)

I think in some cases, people post what they've been saving up for a while, but once that's out there, it takes time to come up with whatever's next on the way. I'm sure we'll be seeing the usual mix of stories soon enough.

And in the meantime, we now have quite a backlog of great stories from the past year. Plenty to read!