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WTF is going ON???

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Unfortunately religion has always had the dubious side effect of dividing people rather than bringing them together. You have the Muslims and the Catholics the Christians and the Mormons the Hindus and the Sikh's, the Buddhist's and the Jews, there are at least 40 world religions and faiths.

You have the obscure religions of Asia and Northern Europe, there are thousands of cults and hundreds of sects within each religion with their only common thread being that they ALL believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong. They all believe that they are the chosen of God and everyone else is damned to hell or is at least, in some way inferior.

It is actually worse than politics and in many cases religions like Christianity and Islam have sought to control vast populations by infiltrating governments. You end up with countries like Iran and American at odds with each other over religious concepts and on the edge of war, in the name of God.

Religious groups kill each other in the name of their deities and even in the name of God, whatever the name they choose to call Him. This is not just about the Crusades of old, it is happening as much in the present day as it ever did in the past, the war in Iraq is not just about oil it is about exterminating the enemies of the Christian God.

I have nothing at all against people practicing any religion they want but I am not going to agree that they are doing anything truly Spiritual, when it is obvious that they are ALL separating our world into warring religious factions and isolating people who actually have much in common with one another.

I believe the priesthoods are parasites and I know I sound like a communist as I say that but I can assure you, I feel the same way about any group that would seek to separate one man from another simply because he believes differently.

We, the people of this world will never truly know peace until we join together under the One Father of us ALL leaving no one out for any reason. Since this is a highly unlikely scenario, we must as individuals realize personally that we are ALL brothers and we are ALL very Holy and cherished by God.

Let them kill and maim as they will in the name of their Gods, they cannot really hurt you as long as you seek ONLY unity with the Sons of God who are your brothers and mine, weather they know it or not.

The Spiritual revolution starts with the beating of each human heart and spreads outward with happy laughter and a totally defenseless attitude, we prepare the way as we Love where others hate, as we understand where other find only confusion, because we never give up our Holy Minds into the worlds insane indoctrinations, we Are ALL without exception, God's beloved Children and we Live through Him and within His Love!