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Wrote this one when I was about 16 . . . And it shows.

Once again it's raining in the city and I find Myself wondering through its wet streets. A fine mist slowly falls through the air and collects upon flashing neon signs that say things like "Live Nude Girls" and "Triple X". They cast an eerie glow that awakens an appetite for some trouble. I pass by a broken-down strip joint and get stopped by what appears to be one of the dancers. "You look lonely..." she says with slurred speech. She falls toward me , groping hands spread wide. "Why don't you come inside, baby?" she tempts. For a split second I consider the offer. The neon sign above our heads flashes with a buzz and casts that eerie red glow upon us. In the glow I catch a glimpse of her hand in my jacket pocket, counting my money . I push her away and she flies into the rapidly opening door of the joint, cracking her polycarbonate skull open. Circuitry and loose wires spill from the gash onto the wet pavement with a sizzle. Never could tell the difference between a third-generation gyneomorphic android and a drunk stripper. . .

The owner of the joint steps out to meet me. The neon light flashes over his five-foot two inch by three-foot four inch body and lights up the sweat on his greasy pig-like face like Christmas lights. "Ya know how much that bitch cost me, asshole?" he belches from his slimy lips. I pull out my piece and put its chrome barrel against his forehead. "Watch your language," I say as I pull the trigger and blast him into a smoking pile of flesh reeking of pork meat. I move on.

I pass a cigarette machine and opt for a pack of Marlboro Greens. I stop at the end of a dark ally-way nearby and take a drag. "Look'in for trouble?" a voice says from behind. I spin around and stare into the darkness "Looks like trouble found me. . ." I answer back as I finger the handle of side arm underneath my mylar trench coat. "You'll have no need for that," whispers a pair of lips in my ear as a hand reaches out of nowhere and makes my gun disappear. I turn my head towards the whispers and catch a glimpse of a man standing in front of me out of the corner of my eye. I look forward at him. His sharp many-toothed grin and vacant white eyes stare back at me and into my soul. "I'm trouble."