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Kevin & Fiona - The Early Years

September twenty-first.

He’d been laying on the futon for a while now, listening to the sound of the waves. A seabird cried out nearby. He rolled onto his side so that he could see the beach. He smelled a memory of perfume and smiled.

He saw her walking towards the lanai. She was wearing layer upon layer of gauzy white fabric and a broad brimmed hat. She also had a parasol for another layer of thermonuclear shielding. More beautiful every day.

Nearly four months had passed since their adventure in the Ukraine. They’d bought the island about three months ago and had been living here for two. He’d never known such happiness. He rolled over on his stomach so that he could look behind him. Serenity was perched on a low hilltop above the beach. They’d built her a sturdier shelter for her rest.

They had a lot of plans for travel, but disappearing for a couple of months came first. He felt… normal. Well, okay, his girlfriend had a net worth of several billion now, and that certainly wasn’t ‘normal’. But he felt different. That restlessness – that need to go and do something super was gone, pretending as though it never existed. Then he looked at the gold band on his wrist and smiled. Well, almost gone. At least he could call on it if necessary, more than most people could at this point. Whatever supers remained after nearly two decades had done an even more effective job of disappearing. He had found no useful information on the few they’d known.

“Hi, handsome.” Fiona was leaning over him and smiling.

Kevin thought he would pass out from the radiance of her smile, and that red hair cascading down around her face. “Hey, sexy.”

“I’ve been thinking…”

He smiled. “Of course, love. That’s why I’m so crazy about you.”

She took a swing at him with her now–closed parasol. “Git. I mean that I’ve got most of it figured out.”

“Right.” When did she have the time? They’d been, well, busy. “If you can design it, I can build it. Well, with some help from Barney, of course.”

“Yes, we’ll have to pay him a visit soon as well.”

“So what’s first?”

“I want to see if we can use Serenity’s lasers for tunneling. Up on the mountainside.”

“That’s a volcano.”

“Yes, but we own it, and it’s extinct enough.”

Enough? “Yes, love.” Then he had a thought. “What are we going to use for power up there, then?”

“We can’t carry everything we need for construction. We’ll have to send some cargo ahead.”

“You’re already thinking about staying?”

“Eventually we could.”

“Wow. I thought it was more of a camping trip.”

“The first time. But if we can do it, why not go back?”

Why not, indeed?

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*This is the first in a series of highly irregular posts. You'll have to keep track of the dates in the story as I'll likely be posting things out of chronological order (i.e., as I think of interesting bits). I wanted Cougary to know that I have been thinking about the question concerning a possible trilogy of stories. This is the one I hadn't thought about before then. I won't even hazard a guess as to length at this time. I've roughed out a timeline, have lots of notes, and the beginnings of a few more scenes (thanks, Scrivener).

speaking of dates...

September twenty first, 2006.

Forgot the year in that draft.