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Employing Drug States 2

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This was a pungent smell that broke into my nostril. It would have been worse if it had entered both nostrils, but for now it was only spiking intense displeasure to one half of my olfactory perceptive center. The other half was not receiving data from external sources as the intake manifold (left nostril, it's always the left one) was blocked with an airlock plug of mucus.

The message was relayed to the central nervous system, sending multiple sequences into action. Autonomic formations rippled with dendritic scintillation, pulse rate varied slightly, breath intake spike momentarily and then decreased in an unconscious attempt to minimize exposure, adrenal ports opened in anticipation of antiquated fight or flight vectors being employed in the event of higher reasoning overload and subsequent breakdown.

The eyes swiveled in their nearly dry sockets - setting up an internal vibration and nearly discernible noise what would cause the heebiejeebs of an individual with a normal brain chemistry to begin bouncing off the inside of every inverted goose pimple on the surface of one's skin. Lenses coolly focused on the triangulated object of interest. Rods and cones relaying raw image data to the processing unit in the back of the cerebellum. Once rendered, the image is sent up to central conception - cross-referenced and archived.

Now what? The disconnect. Where was Executive Decision or at least Pattern Recognition?

Time passed. (For a moment the letter "p" would not work and I typed "Time assed" a few times.) There was that sickening lurch he felt whenever time nudged him aside and stepped past in wholesale blocks. Hours and sometimes days worth of movement, sensation, respiration, ingestion, digestion and defecation packed into a half-second experience was not entirely pleasant. Regular time-speed returned.