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Employing Drug States

Gus Savoie's picture

There was a room. It was on the ninth floor. It was empty of people. it smelled funny.

The door opened, Tonto rushed in, slammed the door behind him and stood there, pointing. "Fuck." he gasped for air. "Fuck." He said again.

"What is it?"

"Fuck." Tonto pushed back his expanding headband and blew out a long, O-shaped breath. "Ahh, fuckin.." His voice garbled into obscure humming between pouting lips.

"What!?" said Boner McFuck (Boner McFuck?)

"Shit dude." Tonto swallowed hard and stumbled to the bar fridge at the near corner of the tiny, glassed-in office. He peeled open a beer can and glanced furtively at all of the windows. "I am so fucked up right now."

"What!?" Boner McFuck groaned. "What what what what what!?"

"You got what out of your system, BM?" Tonto quaffed and steadied himself against the fridge as he lowered himself into a Chinese, plastic swivel-chair.

"Yes, I believe so." BM turned from his monitor and finally aligned his ocular sensors with Tonto's photonic reflections. "Shit man, your fucking eyes!"

"Look, I didn't plan on coming in today." Tonto waved his hand experimentally. "So I figured I'd take some acid and drive out to the Head."

"Fuck me, dude. Yer fucking high?"

"Shhh!" Furtive now. "I'm a bit freaked as it is. Everybody looked at me kinda weird when I came in. I think they know but I don't trust my evaluation of facial expressions just now."

"Well, you are kinda fucked up right now."


While Tonto learns to manage his temporary, recreational chemical imbalance, a harried hub-bub is ensuing several floors below.

"Ha ha. Floooooors." Man O' Hat chuckled, holding his belly as though to bracefully launch a voluminous laugh. "That's a funny wooord."

"Ha. Ha." Yesbot made a sneering sarcastic laughing sound. Very much the semi-realistic, low-rez representation of someone laughing at somebody who is not funny. This was the only tone Yesbot was programmed to reproduce. "Gawd fuckdamn."

"That is not neccessary, Yesbot" It was Yesnot "speaking" - a text stream, now in a searing red-orange on burnt burgundy - like the colour of Superman's tights when he turned evil in Superman III.