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Strings 4

Continued from Strings 3

Tristan grabbed Roslyn firmly and held her up to the light. She quacked and squirmed. Then Tristan tossed her up and she passed quickly through the light, disappearing from view.

'And now our duck is through the portal. We shall soon be getting video reception - Paul, is the television on?'

Wordlessly Paul flicked on the TV set by his side and stood back to peer into it. The screen filled with the roar of gray static. Then, slowly, an image began to emerge. The black and white dots were arranging themselves, making outlines. A sound bubbled up out of the noise - recognizable as Roslyn's quacking and fluttering.

'We're through!' Doctor Langar shouted, nearly dropping his dictaphone. 'Again we have successfully constructed a bridge to another quantum set. Tristan - quick - the co-ordinates!'

Tristan ran to a laptop across the lab and began writing down a long string of numbers on the screen. The image on the TV was clear now. It was - it was -

'That looks like the lab,' Paul commented.

Langar confirmed this. 'Yes. Yes. This very lab. Only the colours are different - see the walls? Painted orange. And ours are white. And look - I see a vase with flowers - '

Roslyn was clearly taken by the flowers. She moved closer to them.

'The instruments. The instruments are all gone. And the wires - the lab is empty, although the layout, the furniture, all the same. Did you get the co-ordinates?'

'I've got them,' Tristan called. 'Close to our own. Very close.'

The flowers came into full view on the monitor. Roslyn was standing before them. Their long, yellow stalks ended in a grouping of petals not unlike those of a rose. The petals were blue and seemed to shake as though disturbed by a wind.

Tristan observed: 'I think Roslyn's keen to have a bite of them.'

'She mustn't!' Doctor Langar yelled. He hit the 'ON' button of the device, and as Roslyn lunged for the flowers the screen began to flicker and fade. The glow of the device intensified as bits of it came back into view. Suddenly, Roslyn emerged...


I can't believe I missed seeing this until now! Glad to see the next installment of Strings. Looking forward to seeing more.

I have a feeling Langer is right to be worried.

kelson.philo's picture

Exciting. Can't wait to

Exciting. Can't wait to find out why Roslyn can't stop to eat the flowers of a neighboring quantum probablity.

Me too.

Me too.