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Rainbows End

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Vinge, V.


Tor, New York, p.364 (2006)





Repaired Alzheimer patient Robert Gu is given a second chance at life in a near future San Diego. Computers are everywhere, including clothes, and the landscape teems with mediated visions overlaying reality. It is a world where Homeland Security pervades everything in its Red Queen's race to prevent mass death technology from ending the world.


I enjoyed this. None of the technology concepts were new to me, which is a shame - I always hope to come across cool freaky new ideas, but the characters were interesting and well drawn. I also found the discussion of what it is like to be left behind a society charging down a particular path very interesting. There's a definite divide between the people who twitter and flickr and use push email to their phones and IM and social networking sites and those who don't. Thinking about the way that divide will affect people is interesting, and this book makes a good start on that.