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The Dragon

I did not kill that man. How could I kill someone who doesn't exist?

I knocked on the dragon's door. "Damnit! Don't you know what time it is?" I didn't. I'd stopped sleeping. How could I, with questions of such profoundity gnawing on my brain? I wanted to know about the Gnostics, about the divine spark trapped in flesh. I wanted to know about the archons and the demiurge.

He wasn't a dragon, not anymore. He had chosen to become human, to live among us. Crazy. But he knew many secrets and he shared them all with me. Eventually.

Afterwards, I must have wandered into the street, because the next thing I remember is the hot glare of headlights bearing down on me. I stretched out my hand and felt the machine's existence unravel around my fingers. Its past, present, and future blew away like dust in a gale. When I opened my eyes, the street was empty.

I did not kill that man. I unmade him.


The part with the car was very cool. The beginning was a little confusing but it made sense considering the state of mind of the character. very interesting.

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Much looking forward to

Much looking forward to these being all bundled up...

That is a chilling final

That is a chilling final line.

Definitely one of the punchier Chimera tales.