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Is "Books Worth a Look" Worth a Look?

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When we started Oort-Cloud we tried some things just to see if they would float. Some did; some didn't.

"Books Worth a Look" is bobbing.

This post is just to solicit your opinions on whether or not we should:

1. leave it adrift
2. sink it
3. rescue it
4. launch a new ship in its place

and, we'd also like your suggestions about how to do it.

sim's picture

What's That You're Reading?

I hardly ever ask a person what book is worth a look. However, if I see someone reading, I always ask what it is. The person always tells me the title and author and a brief summary and what he or she thinks of the book (sometimes with embarrassment, sometimes with enthusiasm). That's a better way to approach the question of reading books and a better way, I think, to list books the Cloud reads. I'd also like comments enabled for the lists.


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A Possible Alternative

For example this site:

SFF World (

has a great collection of sci-fi books, movies, games, etc. with reviews and discussion.

We could just link over to there....

More than a rating

I think BWAL might work better if it actually gave you a chance to say why it is you like the book. Just giving you a chance to rate it doesn't seem like enough.


I've read a number of posts that have been quite passionate about certain books (one of them rhymes with "Air")
but it tends to show up in the discussions.

Maybe a new title... like "Holy CRAP, YOU MUST read this. It will CHANGE your life!" or something like that.

every wall collapses, given enough time.

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Ha! Alright alright. I

Ha! Alright alright. I think just pausing a bit to take another look at what you specifically want to do with "Books Worth A Look" might help. Is it purely to offer OpenLit reviews of Books-in-Print or downloadables of the material or both?

Also, perhaps moving it to a sidebar will help gain some more clickage. When yer on the Cloud, most of your attention is directed to this big middle white section; you don't spend much time in the headers and footers. Perhaps revamping the New Books side section under Recent blog posts would help?