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Delya Pasinia - Part V

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"Papa?" Where was she? Everything was dark. She could hear Papa though. She heard other men too. They all seemed to be arguing. Who was he talking to in the dark like this? Feeling along the wall she found a doorway leaking a faint light. Peering in she saw Papa along with the other men huddled around a table with a single candle.

Moving towards her Papa she tried to see the faces of the other men in the dark. If only it wasn't so dark. That one was huge though. Was he? "No," she gasped, "An Ortanan!" And that stocky one had to be a Mesini. Was that little one a Gnome, no they weren't real. It was a Bensian! Only the Trevvan were missing of the major races of Soria. Why were they here?

She couldn't make out what they were saying. She strained to make out her Papa, "...that will be the final move. Gentlemen after that we will have open war. Nothing will be able to stop it then."

Delya scrambled into a corner, glad that the men hadn't seen her yet. She didn't want to hear anymore and began creeping to the doorway. She stopped dead when a man stepped into the doorway blocking it. Not a man, Drivet. She knew it was him, but somehow she didn't know either. The feeling of not knowing someone she obviously knew was very odd. And just what was he doing here anyways?

"Then you shouldn't let it get to that final move, should you Pasinia? If you want to stop the war then you must stop it before it gets that far. Am I right?" The men around the table all snapped their heads around to stare at Drivet as he spoke.

Delya watched as her Papa stood up and walked over to stand before Drivet. "What are you doing here? How did you get past our guards?" She watched the cold look on Drivet's face as he smiled at her Papa. The look on Papa's face was even stranger. She had never seen him look so mad before. "What would you know about stopping war Drivet? What would you know?"

Suddenly the light went out and Delya screamed. She was aware of hands grabbing her and shaking her. A voice was yelling her name. She continued to scream, not understanding what was going on. Suddenly a lantern was unlidded and she saw Drivet standing over her. "Are you alright Delya? You were having another nightmare. How are you?"

The concern on Drivet's face made her smile. "I'm ok." She realized how weak her voice sounded. "I'm ok. It was just... I had a dream about Papa, and a Bensian, and a Mesini, and... There was an Ortanan there too. Papa was talking to all of them about war and then you showed up. Only... Somehow I didn't know it was you..."

Drivet frowned at Delya, "I don't think any of us knew you were there. I'm amazed you remember that, even if only in your dreams. You would have been only four at the time of course. And at the time you hadn't met me so of course then you would not have recognized me. Tell me what you remember of it."

Delya stared at him, "It wasn't a dream?" Drivet shook his head and she swallowed. She struggled to hold onto the fading dream and began to tell him what she had seen. The more she talked the easier it was to hold onto the memories. By the end it was all coming out in a rush.

"You remember true. What a special little girl you are." Drivet sighed and waited a few moments before continuing. "So it has come to this. Delya, I'm afraid I have some news you are not going to like. Due to his injuries the council has refrained from dealing with your father for the part he played in the starting of the war. His actions last night have changed their minds."

Delya could see that Drivet was upset. When he stopped talking she had to know what was going to happen to Papa. She urged him on. "Alright, it is your right to know. They feel Pasinia is healthy enough to be brought before the council and receive punishment. Belan is to be treated as an accomplice, but is to be spared to care for Valya and yourself. It took some maneuvering on my part for that last bit."

He stopped and Delya realized that she was crying. "Momma!"

"Delya, the judgment will be this evening. By Trevvan tradition the family members of the traitor would be present to save the families honor. Your mother however has refused and you will not want to be there to see..."

Delya cut him off with a snap, "Of course I will be there! I will be with my father as long as he lives! Don't you try to stop me!"

She starred at him defiantly as he continued, "It cannot be allowed. Delya, you will not want to be there. You have no idea of the ways of the Trevvan."

"You can't stop me! I will be with my Papa forever! You don't want me to be with him! You go away! Get out! Get away from me! Go!" Delya threw her pillow at the Trevvan and growled when it bounced off harmlessly. Then she saw the wand he had given her. Grabbing it she turned it the way he had shown her and it made sparkles that only made Drivet laugh. Growling again she threw the wand at him and he sidestepped towards the door. With one last look at her he slipped out of sight without another word.

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© Flendon

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whoa. math. thrown off there by the industrial spam guard. That's kewlio, though.

Diggit diggit. The only thing I would suggest when you introduce the names of the races is to put a few more descriptors in with them. We’ve got big Ortanan’s and stocky Mesini, but that’s a little amorphous, right? It doesn’t have to be much, just a clue to let the imagination fill in the rest. Comparing the Bensian’s with Gnome’s works just fine.