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Delya Pasinia - Part IV

The next two sections I wrote are both short and I'm a week behind on posting so I'm going to post them together.

Delya Pasinia - Part I
Delya Pasinia - Part II
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Delya walked down the hall side by side with Drivet. She was happy to be able to walk again. Looking up at Drivet again she grinned. He had helped make her better. Now he was taking her to see her family again. They were all going to be together again. She started to skip for a moment and then stopped again when her leg started to ache slightly.

They turned the corner and Delya saw the open door. She hurried in despite her leg and saw what was left of her family. Papa was sitting in a chair facing the door and Momma had baby Valya cradled in her arms. Papa reached over and set his hand on Momma's arm as he jumped up. Momma looked up at Papa's movement and let out a little squeak.

Delya threw her arms across both her parents and began to cry again. She didn't know that someone could cry so much in such a short time. She squeezed her parents and promised herself that she would never let go. She tried to speak, but she could only get a single word out and that in a whisper, "Gill."

Everyone was silent for a few moments until Papa broke the silence, "So, you know then... Drivet."

"Yes, Papa."

To her surprise Papa pried her arms off of his waist. He gripped her shoulder for a moment and walked away from her. "You! You keep away from my daughter, do you understand me? You have no right!" She heard a smacking sound and turned just in time to see Papa hit Drivet in the face. The Trevvan fell flat on his back and two guards rushed in to grab Papa.

Drivet sat up and Delya meet his eyes. He touched his lip and his fingers came away with a bit of blood on them. "Let him go. His anger is understandable. Delya I'll leave you here with your family. You will need to go back to your room tonight though. There aren't enough beds in here for you." Without another word to he turned and left.

Delya looked up at her father. "Papa? Why did you hit my friend, Papa?

"The fighting... I thought you knew better than to talk to strangers Delya! Oh this is all my fault. The fighting... All my fault. How did it come to this." He was talking too soft for her to hear everything he said until his head snapped back up again. "You stay away from that man, understand? He is a bad, bad man."

Papa sighed and shook his head. "Enough of this though. Let us spend some time together. I've missed you so much my sweet one." Pasinia put his arms around his daughter once more and lifted her up in a warm embrace. She looked over his shoulder after her friend for just a moment before turning back to her Papa and smothering him with kisses.


"Oh Papa! I missed you so much! You too Momma! I wish I could stay here." Delya had spent several hours playing with her family and now a guard was standing over her impatiently. He had said nothing, but had motioned for Delya to follow him.

"Sweet one, I wish you could stay as well." Her father looked away from her and at the guard for several moments. "You need to go though. Listen to what they tell you and everything will be ok. Promise me you'll listen. I couldn't stand... I couldn't... Just listen, ok sweet one?"

Delya nodded and gave her father another hug and kiss. She went to her mother next and repeated the sentiment to both her and Valya, who cooed. She walked to the guard and gave him a sour look before letting him lead her away. She stopped once at the doorway to glance back at her family before being led down the hall.

When Delya reached her room she sat down on the bed and swung her legs back and forth as they dangled above the floor. The guard stood in the doorway for a moment and then left without ever having said a word. She swung her legs some more trying not to cry. She didn't want to leave her Papa and her Momma. She had no one to talk to now and she was scared. Her Gill, a war, not being able to see Papa and Momma whenever she wanted. It was too much for her and she did begin to cry.

She wasn't sure how long she had been crying when the door opened. She sat back up and tried to see who it was through the tears. The figure was blurred but she thought... was it... could it? "Gill?!" The figure stepped forward and she saw it was Drivet. Tears poured down her cheeks again.

"Delya, why do cry like that when I enter the room? I thought we were friends? Look I even brought you some Frena." Drivet sat down beside her on the bed. Delya took the candy from him and then hesitated. Papa had called him a stranger. Papa had let her have Frena from his father though. He held her chin and turned her gaze to his. She smiled back at him and popped the candy into her mouth.

She forgot about what her father said and threw her arms around him. Delya needed someone to hold her. "Drivet! Is this what war means? Papa always talked about how bad war was. Gill and, and, everything that is going on? Did you know they only feed me twice a day? It's so bad here."

"Delya, if war is so bad then why did you father want to start one?"

Delya sat up and rubbed her eyes. "What? Papa has always talked about how much he hates war. We moved here to stop a war. He has always said that!"

Delya felt Drivet's hand on her shoulder. He was so nice to her. She always felt so happy when she ate Frena. She smiled at him again before he answered, "Delya, if he didn't want the war why did he start it? Do you know what happens in war Delya? People kill each other. Everything else is secondary. The killing, that is the main thing. Wars are fought for many reasons and many bad things happen. The one constant during a war though is that people kill other people."

"Then why do people have wars? I thought it was never ok to kill someone?"

"Sometimes Delya, sometimes it is needed. It is never a nice thing, but life isn't always nice. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do to. Sometimes things are worth killing for. Lets not talk about war though it is such a sad subject. Have another piece of Frena and take a look at what else I brought you."

Drivet pulled a small wand out of a pocket and showed it to Delya. It looked like a simple magicians wand at first sight. With a flick of his wrist though a small flame appeared just over the tip of the wand. Delya clapped her hands and the flame went out. She was about to call for him to fix it when sparkles shot out of the tip. Drivet went on with his show for some time showing trick after trick and Delya forgot all about her troubles of the last couple of weeks.

Some time later Drivet stopped the show to Delya's disappointment. "Is that it?"

"Is that it? I dare say you have never a seen a wand capable of so many tricks before. But no, it has even more. I hear something in the hall though. I think something is wrong." Drivet walked over to the door and opened it.

Through the open door Delya could see the two guards and another man outside. The man was holding a very large sword and moved so fast Delya couldn't follow the movements. Drivet stepped back to the bed and placed his arms out to the sides. He was protecting her. Delya couldn't see what was happening until the man stepped into the room. "Papa!"

The tip of the sword in Papa's hand was pressed to Drivet's throat. The sword in Papa's hand was covered in blood. The men who had been in the hall were lying on the ground. They were dead. Papa had killed them with the sword in his hand. The sword held up to her friends throat. All these thoughts ran through her head in a whirlwind. Papa said something, but Delya didn't hear it. All she heard was her own scream.

Delya opened her eyes slowly and looked around. Had she been dreaming? No it was too real. She had passed out again. Was her Papa a killer? She looked around and saw him lying on the floor. A man stood over her Papa with a sap in his hand. Drivet was dabbing at a small trickle of blood on his neck.

She was glad that someone had... No. Was she glad that someone had hurt her Papa? She was so confused. Had he killed those men? "Drivet? Did he... Did he kill them?"

Drivet turned around and looked at her. "You're awake. Delya, you don't really... No. I can see it in your eyes. You need to know this. He killed them both. Delya, they were unarmed. Both of them. He would have murdered me too if Sheyan had not been passing by. Do you still believe he doesn't believe in war Delya?"

Drivet walked over to Delya and gave her another hug. He felt so warm and friendly with his arms wrapped around her. Then she felt a warm drop on her forehead. She looked up and saw that blood was trickling down his neck. Reaching up to touch the wet spot on her head she pulled her hand away and saw her fingertips were red. Drivet reached out with the cloth he had been dabbing on his neck and gently wiped first her fingers and then her forehead clean. "Everything is going to be ok Delya. We are going to take him away now. Nothing will happen to him without you knowing about it first though Delya. I'll make sure of that. I won't let anyone touch him without letting you know first." Drivet turned away from her and helped Sheyan carry her Papa out. She looked around her room and saw the wand that Drivet had brought her. She picked it up and put it under her pillow before she cried herself to sleep.

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© Flendon

Questions of trust

Nicely done. You really have us guessing at this point, not only about which of these people Delya should trust but also how much of what she's seeing might be entirely staged.

Of course, if her father is right and Drivet isn't to be trusted, it looks like there may be grim times ahead.